Malbolge, for those not familiar with it, is a language designed to be have so far have expressed an interest in programming in Malbolge!. Info: it the most difficult current programming language, though not the most difficult possible one. Malbolge is a public domain esoteric programming language invented by ben olmstead in , named after. Malbolge was specifically designed to be almost .

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One of the examples is a cat program that halts on EOF.

Here’s a table of these memory addresses modulo 94 allowing period-2 instructions where the second is a NOP, together with the instruction itself there are exactly two possible addresses for each of these instructions, so both are listed:.

In memory addresses other than these the o NOP instructions programmjng mutate into a non-NOP instruction after a variable number of executions. Great Code, absolutely stunning.

Malebolge programming language pdf

All instructions except i are assumed to be length-2 cycles. This technique has been developed by Hisashi Iizawa et al. This article walks the way he opened, explaining many of his findings program,ing detail and other caveats that must be taken into account not mentioned by him. After these operations the accumulator will hold the value originally present in that address.

Impossible collection of design the most influential. It is a mostlysafe language, with strong typing and encouraged con. The hope was to create a Turing-Complete language while keeping as much in the spirit of Malbolge. The language is named after Malebolge [sic], the eighth level of hell in Dante’s Infernowhich is reserved for perpetrators of fraud.

E-mail addresses will never be shown. If the instruction to execute is not in the rangeexecution stops the reference interpreter hangs in this case due to a bug. At this place it may languags interesting to know that in the s and s trit-based computers progrwmming developed in the “eastern bloc” and still some engineers think about trit-based computers when talking about new non-silicon-based technologies.


Malbolge, invented by ben olmstead inis an esoteric programming language designed to be as difficult to program in as possible. In any case – if it is for real – Very impressive! As I understand it Malbolge’s interpreter reverses two of the instructions.

If ;rogramming stare at the source code, it looks like waves The last weakness that makes it practical to write Malbolge programs is the existence of at least one immutable NOP for every possible memory address. However, it otherwise has sequential execution, repetition, and conditional-execution. In prorgamming library you can find what we have found – it was not easy.

Programming with memory addresses is very confusing, and it may be time-consuming to manually write code in Malbolge to initialize the memory cells that are needed. All whitespace in the program is ignored and, to make programming more difficult, everything else in the program must start out as one of the instructions below.

Malbolge, a quick guide week 5 mathcamp malbolge, named after the eighth circle of hell in dantes inferno, is a language specif. So we add one extra word of overhead to the ones already stated:.

There’s only about 67 if I count correct output instructions — without looping that wouldn’t be enough to print even one verse of the song. The value at [d] is programminf Malbolge will jump to and start executing instructions.

Also, I’m sure this took much longer to create than it took me to create the language in the first place. The problem with java eese is the complex language, too many keywords, and overengineered frameworks. Michael, person, RevAaron and others who post a several single -lines-length code, you just don’t understand the point of this site. A Malbolge program can be created from the assembly program above as follows.


The actual spelling Malbolge is also used for the sixth hell in the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game.

Interpreter of another interesting programming language with meaningful name: Lou Scheffer’s Malbolge page. Use the form to submit new examples or updates instead!

Malbolge programming – Esolang

Sounds weird, but seriously, this is an amazing thing. Instead of controlling the program flow with the code register, which means that all commands are written in their correct order filled with immutable NOPs, it is possible to control the program flow using the data register.

Iizawa’s silly attempt malebolgge writing code in Malbolge. Although this was initially considered a bug in the compiler, Ben Olmstead stated that it was intended and there was in fact “a bug in the specification. Your code does not result in the correct song.

Programming in Malbolge

The first point to note is that step 5 can’t be performed every two cycles: I’m giving you 1 star for not having a loop. Views Read Edit View history. The problem is that the routine can be very expensive in terms of number of instructions used: