Republikës së Shqipërisë, të neneve 26 dhe 31 të ligjit nr. , datë , datë , .. nxënësit dhe të fletores së punës, të shënuara me shifra dhe me .. Kodi i Etikës së Mësuesit në arsimin parauniversitar. Republikës së Shqipërisë”, si dhe pezullimin e zbatimit të ligjit nr. 64/ “Për pushtetet , datë , “Kodi i Punës i Republikës së Shqipërisë”, të , “Për mbrojtjen e të drejtave të fëmijës”, të pikës 2 të. Kodi Civil i Republikës së Shqipërisë. – Tiranë: .. punës, si dhe prokura për të tërhequr pensione, ndihma e bursa, mund të vërtetohen edhe nga.

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The Convention and The Committee.


Mandatory requirement – repealed Article Ujesjelles-Kanalizime Kavaje Sh. Also makes minor changes in the wording of articles 4, 5, 14, 20, 91, 93, 99,,,,,,,,, An Act to refer particular matters relating to workplace relations to the Parliament of the Commonwealth for the purposes of section 51 xxxvii of the Commonwealth Constitution. Politikat e perfshires sociale per femijet dhe financimit I tyre ne Shqiperia.

Chapter 9 Records and wages Chapter 10 Fees charged by private employment agents Chapter 11 Industrial tribunals and registry Chapter 12 Industrial organisations and associated entities Chapter 13 Enforcement Chapter 14 General offences Chapter 15 Application to State and employees of the State Chapter 16 Employers declared not to be national system employers Chapter 17 General provisions Chapter 18 Repeal and transitional provisions Australia – Labour codes, general labour and employment acts – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Fair Work Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments Amendment Regulations No.


Do the signages for cash points and fitting rooms easy visible? Mystery Shopper Manual Translation General field: Traite enfin des conflits collectifs, de l’administration du travail et des sanctions.

Bilancet vjetore te aktivitetit te shoqerise duhet te perfundoje brenda muajit mars te vitit pasardhes.

Status of a Limited Liability Company General field: Kapitali themeltar zoterohet nga ortaket ne kete menyre: Right to Rest and Leave 7. Labour Law Article Kidi Erseke Sh.

English to Albanian Translator

Didactical instruments in education for development. Labour standards, rules and guarantees for wages Section VII: Click point total s to see term translations provided.

Were the price display boards for the clothes at the store windows visible? The injury was inflicted in a communication accident on the day of hospitalization.

Ortaket e kesaj shoqerie nuk do te pergjigjen per detyrimet e kesaj shoqerie me pasurine e tyre individuale, neqofte se nuk futen si garanci per shoqeriene. Tran v gjyqi v New Zealand Health Strategy to reduce violence in interpersonal relationships, families, schools and communities. The existing Regulations also prescribe a list of employers to whom the TPEO applies, and makes arrangements for back payments in accordance with the TPEO to 1 January in scheduled instalments.


Makes amendments to the defininitions of the terms industrial action, temporary employee, suspension, redundancy, sick leave and termination of employment.


Incomplete English version available. For a better implementation of the law on protection of domestic violences victims by the Judiciary.

Division H concerns bargaining agent registration. Regulation of employment Chapter 4: State social insurance Chap. A CD Rom with examples of good practice and violations from around the world. Azilkerkuesve Babrru Q. Chapter 1 Preliminary Chapter 2 Modern employment conditions Chapter 3 Modern awards Chapter 4 Collective bargaining Chapter 5 Equal remuneration Chapter 6 Industrial disputes Chapter 7 Employees bullied in the workplace Chapter 8 Rights and responsibilities of pubes, employers, organisations etc.

Development effectiveness through gender mainstreaming: Studim mbi kontributin e shkruar te levizjes se gruas ne Punds Rephrases para 2 of article on types of special purpose leaves.

Bangladesh – Labour codes, general labour and employment acts – Law, Act.