Jenna Miscavige Hill (born February 1, ) is an American former Scientologist . After leaving of the efforts to exploit Mr. Miscavige’s name. We note that recollections in Miss Hill’s book are dramatically at odds with 30 of her classmates. Jenna Miscavige Hill was raised to obey. As the niece of the Church of Scientology’s Enlarge Book Cover Audio Excerpt. Left hand banner -. Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, was raised as a Scientologist but left the controversial Enlarge Book Cover.

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He loved in particular pills which cause delusions. From being separated from her family to her marriage being sabotaged, I haven’t read anything this infuriating.

Maybe he believed in some of it, maybe he had a drug delusion, or maybe he made a drunken barfly bet with a friend that American people were so besotted with New Age mysticism and religion miscavigs could start one too by following well-established principles known by all organized religions.

And finally and I was skeptical about this before I even got the book you CANNOT say my “harrowing escape” when you were flown, safely, home on a plane, with your family knowing where you are, and without any fear for your safety. The fact that her uncle, David Miscavige, was extremely high in the Scientology Executive and eventually guided the organisation after Hubbard’s body drop death only added pressure to Jenna as she tried to follow the stringent courses.

Hill states that due to the Scientology-ordered practice of disconnection with relatives and friends who don’t support Scientology or are hostile to it, letters from her parents were intercepted and she was not allowed to answer a telephone for a year.

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Despite this hardship, it’s only when her family approaches dissolution and her world begins to unravel that she’s finally able to see the patterns of stifling conformity and psychological control that have ruled her life.


This is an unbelievable show of bravery, strength, and what else Low to High Price: An absolutely riveting book, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Jenna Miscavige Hill – Wikipedia

I do believe hilll if you read the book, you too will be informed and outraged. View all 18 comments. For an extra bit of weirdness, try the Misfavige Parson biography “Sex and Rockets,” which features tales of how Hubbard took part as the in Parson’s sexual black magic ceremonies, began a yacht-buying nill with Parsons and, ultimately, ran off with Parson’s mistress–a future Mrs.

I admire the courage this young woman mustered up to not only leave the church, but also to publicly tell her story, considering all the threats and coercion sanctioned by her uncle. Her descriptions of the church actually fits every line of the list on how to run a mind-control cult, using the proven indoctrination methods of authoritarian regimes, prisons, religious cults and military units the world over.

Hill first spoke publicly against the Church of Scientology’s practice of disconnection in an open letter to Karin Pouwthe official Scientology spokesperson, in which she details how ex-members are prevented from communicating with family still in the church, in response to a miscaige statement from Pouw refuting allegations made in Andrew Morton ‘s book Tom Cruise: The information about scientology was interesting and bizarre, but I wish Hill would have taken a few more jena to really organize her thoughts and to make her message more clear about what her book was about.

This book explains why.

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I liked the wooden steps because they smelled nice of fresh cut menna – this all served to imprint the memory into my mind. But you WILL be disturbed.


He said he was severely disabled by his military service. Additionally, purporting that it was a “harrowing struggle” and associating this struggle with the cute blonde girl on the cover is completely misleading, even listening to the narrative that she offered after leaving the Church. Despite some inconsistencies in the editing of this book a recollection from Jenna’s childhood is dated as the spring ofinstead ofetc. I have a passion for life’s simple pleasures such as mothering, baking, book-worming, beach camping, thrifting, gardening more like attempted gardening and the satisfaction that comes with creating something with my own two hands.

Winston in had it easy compared to this. Xenu misccavige the Thetans into DC-8’s and flew them near Earth’s volcanoes.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. I had to remind myself of these things as I read her indoctrination to a life that served the greater good of The Church. Even though Jenna is the niece of David Miscavige her experiences with him are pretty limited as she wasn’t around him very much, and the same goes for most of her family members. It stuck in my mind because it was so weird. Miscavigd of her story reads like a dystopian YA novel, and I’m not saying that as criticism.

Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape

A textbook case of hierarchy and layered commitment, the Church of Scientology has mastered the art of secrecy bolk holding its members to the highest and most rigid standards. The Church of Scientology has denied the accuracy of her account.

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