I am not saying that you should not purchase a Hickok like a or at the are compact bench top models that are basically laid out as this A above. Use this procedure to test and calibrate the Hickok Model /A mutual conductance (AKA transconductance) tube testers. Except as noted, all of the. I have a Hickok Model A tube tester that I’m learning to use. Hopefully someone here can answer a question for me. On the micromho meter.

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No button cover knobs are included. If most of the screws are gone it means that somebody knowledgeable looked inside and decided the tester was SHOT and there was no point in bothering to put all the screws back in. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

Calibration and Testing of the Hickok Model 600/600A Tube Testers

The “A” model has the 9 and 12 pin compactron sockets and is more money. I went for it, I purchased it and when I receive it I’ll post pictures. TV and TV-7 Military tester. This is the best of hiclok basic early testers. Log in or Sign up.


A recommended list of Hickok tube testers

I need to watch that A video just to make sure my A is calibrated properly. These are nice compact testers and data is widely available. The best feature of the 6000a is the dual triode test buttons-you can test both halves of a twin triode without re-setting the selectors.

They are easy to calibrate and instructions available on the internet. Skip to main content.

They are older than the B and C’s, and for this reason it is important to only buy one in good working order, but this tester has been my bench tester for over a year, and I have gotten to like it a nickok.

Thank you I downloaded the manual, the unit looks clean but the case looks a bit beat but should clean up. Has sockets up to 9-pin mini. Upset that and you’ve upset the whole applecart.

Hickok A tube tester | It Audio / Tonegeek

The A does not have 4,5,7 pin older sockets, but it does have the 9 and 12 pin compactrons. Provide a checklist and instruct Up for sale here is this complete pushbutton switch set from a Hickok A tube tester.


The TV reads out in umhos where the TV-7 reads on a ” quality” scale for 6000a. I had a A, my first tester. Sam CogleyDec 9, How hot do a pair of essentially unloaded rectifiers get?

These were the successors to the series.

I dumped it hiickok soon as a I could afford became available. But I would verify the calibration. This may work in oth These models are compact bench top models that are basically laid out as this A above. Top quality Government construction. If you don’t need to test modern types like Novars and Compactrons,this is a great machine.

Up for sale here is this selector switch from a Hickok A tube tester. If you understand how the tester works, you can come up with your own settings and just read the gm numbers and make your own assessment based on the tube’s data sheet and your tolerance for No 9 or 12 pin compactron.

Check operation of all switches and tube sockets, clean and tighten as required.