Ropes and their depiction · Protective elements · Basics of ropemaking. Gleistein Ropes concentrates on the development, manufacture, and sales and. Sitemap. Home · Company · About Gleistein · Gleistein Ropes · The complete.

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TaperTwin Bespoke racing performance: Gleistein Ropes today is an international group of companies and a leader in many areas of rope technology. Sophisticated constructions, the highest quality materials and pioneering rope finishing result in innovative and excellent products.

High-strength fibres are also extremely versatile and form the basis of our broad range of products, right up to optically similar, gleiatein technically far superior natural fibre substitutes.

DockTwin The best of two worlds in a single mooring line: Maintaining enduring relationships with our customers based on outstanding performance time and again is as important to us as the goal of perfection for every single rope! In a square plait rope, eight strands are interwoven to form a roughly quadratic cross-section.

Highly elastic polyamide core protected by a robust polyester cover. GeoProp Tow Rope, pre-spliced. Strand The subrope-product attained when threads yarns or twines are twisted together, before these are processed into a rope.

GeoOne Braid made of a polyester and polypropylene blend. We call this commitment: GeoSquare GeoProp Floating mooring rope, manufactured as proven and easily spliced square line. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. BremenBremen-NordGermany.


Gleistein – Gleistein Ropes

Gemini X High-grade polyester sheet with outstanding performance and optimal abrasion resistance. Gleistein provides a complete service to complement its complete range of products. Ropes and their depiction Protective elements Basics of ropemaking Technical terms Fibre facts Installation instructions Impregnations and coatings Technical properties of synthetic fibres Rope norms Safety Instructions. Affordable universal line with very high strength and longevity for cruisers.


At that time Bremen-Vegesackvleistein former company headquarters, was the port of registry of Europe’s biggest herring fleet. AT Twin transfers the torsional forces over extended lengths — yet remains flexible and capable of bearing high loads.

Basics of ropemaking

Feather-light at the clew, handleable at the winch, excellent in stoppers. Within further usage of our pages, you will accept that we gleisrein cookies. It features a round cross-section. GeoOne Hempex Buoyant braided mooring line in hemp look. Both production sites are certified in accordance with ISO SVB uses Cookies to guarantee you your purchase as simple as possible.

Gleistein – Wikipedia

GeoOne GeoProp Economic quality line for numerous applications. Please allow cookies in your browser settings! Discover Take the rough with the smooth: We support you with our know-how and help you choose the right rope. Pre-spliced Sheet for Headsail.


For extremely light shrouds and stays, as well as control lines. The advanced construction has enabled the birth of an entire product family.

tleistein No creep under load, wire-rope-like elongation, perfect for static applications. Because almost all molecular chains in the fibres are aligned in parallel, outstanding qualities result.

Twist Laid twisted rope has existed for centuries. Heat set for uncompromisingly light shrouds and stays with smallest wind drag. A commitment to the highest levels of product performance, quality of service, sustainability and innovation guides all our actions.

Geo. Gleistein & Sohn GmbH

Twin In a double braid rope, the core and cover share the load equally, even though applications may vary considerably. Gleistein enjoys global success in markets spanning from recreational marine products to commercial-grade marine products. Torque-free ropes that are not manufactured by dopes — as is the case with laid ropes — but rather through weaving, crossing or intertwining the strands.

As strong as wire rope at just a seventh the weight.