Living in the Heart. How to Enter into the Sacred Space within the Heart. With two chapters on the relationship between the heart and the Mer-Ka-Ba. Drunvalo. Drunvalo Melchizedek, known for his books and teachings on The What follows is an interview with Drunvalo on Living in the Heart and how. Living in the heart drunvalo melchizedek. 1. Livingin the HeartHow to Enter into the Sacred Space within the Heart With two chapters on the.

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They want a clean planet. Trivia About Living in the Hea I was sitting in Mexico when I was learning this from the Kogi and they made this sound and put me into my heart.

And then when the light went away, it was a similar experience to a kundalini experience, the feeling in the body. And when that went away, I was above the planet moving very quickly in my merkaba and the tonal fields of the heart. Return to Book Page. Simple and straight to the point, it includes wonderful meditations to help you find the space of creation in your heart.

Then, inside of that space is another space. Feb 26, Ana Katrina Vargas rated it did not like it. Better yet, who is a starseed? Living in the Heart: So, I do the same thing in my workshops. Send your article to In5D for publication!

Living in the Heart

This is just a phenomenon. He lives in Sedona, Arizona with his loving wife Claudette.

It didn’t feel like there was anything new to add. Drunvalo is the first person in the world in modern times to mathematically and geometrically define the human body light body called in ancient times the Mer-Ka-Ba. Instantaneously, I was in Colombia standing with a group of old men in white robes. May 27, Diana rated it it was amazing.


They want their kids to be happy. Absolutely anything at all. Further, when two people are in that space consciously, no matter where they are in the universe or anywhere on the planet, they can trade bodies. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But, it goes back to the Bible, where in there it says that before the Tower of Babel there was one language and that one language the whole world knew and that that language allowed all people to speak to each other and even animals.

I’m grateful for the blessing of this book! This is pure feminine energy. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Drunvalo has become almost an industry see the School of Remembering and yet seems sincere.

There are livung that they are using to try to reach us, to try to change us so that we can remember. He also has a minor in physics and math with only one quarter to finish his degree. Deb rated it really liked it Mar 04, Please enter your comment!

Drunvalo offers deep wisdom and heagt powerful way to connect to all that is. There will be some people who will come out of there with their lives changed, and others will walk out of there not understanding what it was about at all.

Living in the Heart: How to Enter Into the Sacred Space Within the Heart [With CD]

Light in the heart has an interesting phenomenon. I love the way Drunvalo describe it! Michael rated it really liked it Dec 24, This new work is about the human heart and a sacred space inside of the heart. Contains two very important practices: Like and Follow Us On Facebook!


The interesting thing about it is that there is a direct kn from within the heart to the outer world. Al terminarlo de nuevo me quede pensando en “yo soy la divinidad pasando por una experiencia humana”. They have the same information.

You have entered an incorrect email address! This sound is an experience the Kogi call a language that has no words.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Living in the Heart – In5D : In5D

Sep 30, Keenan Crone rated it it was amazing Licing A must read for anyone who is interested in self-improvement, meditation, culture, American Indians, or sacred geometry. We have no drunva,o of that in the Western world. Feb 09, Oryan rated it it was amazing. Grass Roots with a Marketing Plan: Tracy Sheen rated it really liked it Jan 04, If it is the right moment in your life, you will know.

And there are more of us than not who are seeking that, right?