If any person suffers loss or damage which is proved to have been caused by any negligent act or omission of Det Norske Veritas, then Det Norske Veritas shall. Document replaced. This document has been replaced by an offshore standard ( OS) in the DNV GL portfolio: DNVGL-OS-D All DNV GL service. Offshore Standard DNV-OS-D, October Page 4 – Changes. Amended October see note on front cover. DET NORSKE VERITAS.

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The scope of these regulations has been limited compared with the Framework Regulationsso that they only apply to offshore petroleum activities. Re Section 10 Installations, systems and equipment 8. Specific assessments dn mentioned in the second subsection, mean assessments of the overall risk for all activities related to operation and maintenance of the facilities, including transport of employees.

See also Section 5 of the Management Regulations and Section 8 of these regulations. The concrete barrier elements that are to have the necessary fire resistance, should be determined on the basis of each and every fire area and relevant barrier functions. The boat systems can be located on the facility, on the standby vessel or with one system on each of these. For fire divisions in living quarters, see Section For requirements related to area classification and plants, systems and equipment for use in areas with explosion hazard, see Sections 5 and Re Section 59 Health department Methods for control of manufacture and assembly as mentioned in litera b, may include materials control where the sample materials represent the d031 with regard to manufacture processes, geometrical design and dimensions.

DNV GL Danmark

When drilling wells with high pressure and high temperature, the need for temperature and pressure sensors in critical locations such as ow and after the choke manifold and in the blowout preventer, should be assessed. References B Applicability The following standards include provisions which, through reference in the text constitute provisions of this offshore standard.


Re Section 15 Chemicals and chemical exposure. When it comes to the assessment of the technical condition of the facility, it will be natural for the responsible party to base this on the assumption that the requirements of today’s facilities regulations indicate an acceptable prudent level.

Individual pipes, within an umbilical, made of materials applicable to this standard, may be designed according to this standard. For requirements r301 to disconnection of risers, see Section Interactions between the design of machinery and work tasks, edition 1 January. Alarms should be defined and designed such that. Re Section 66 Loading and offloading systems Protection against health injury as a result of electromagnetic fields as mentioned in litera k, is in particular regulated in the Section 26 of the Radiation Protection Regulations in Norwegian only.

General requirements, Part 2: Tension legs are load-bearing structures comprised by Section Re Section 28 Safety signs Re Section 74 Simple pressure vessels oz For the design of launching and recovery appliances for rescue and evacuation means, reference is made to Section The connection piece is part of the subsea pipeline.

The requirement for independence as mentioned in the first subsection, d31 that the process safety system is in addition to systems for management and control and other safety systems.

The equipment should be designed for well intervention, workover and plugging of wells and for collection of well data of significance to safety. For general provisions, see Sections 5 and 7. Regulations of 10 October No. Section 4 and 17 of the Management Regulationslitera b: Control actuators, edition 1,NS-EN In order to fulfil the requirements for design and siting referred to in the fourth subsection, the facility should be designed so that the potential for and consequences of accidents are reduced.


Re Section 9 Qualification and use of new technology and new methods 8. Oa Section 41a Evacuation and rescue d30 for manned underwater operations Re Section 10a Ignition source control 9. If such reconnection can entail a hazard, the reconnection should not take place automatically.

Re Section 18 Systems for internal and external communication. As regards requirements related to electrical equipment, see Sections 77 and The need to qualify new technology should also be taken into account, cf.

Hose connections in loading and unloading facilities should be of the quick-release, self-closing type in the event of overloads.


This evaluation d31 include necessary closing time in relation to the risk-reducing function and the location of the valve. Norwegian Oil and Gas Association. Re Section 68 Exhaust ducts When the holder of an Acknowledgement of Compliance chooses to apply maritime regulations, cf.

The requirements in the first subsection also entail that the barriers shall be designed so that unintended outflow of injected material is prevented. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Moreover, the dimensioning extent of the damage should be based on an assessment of possible fault modes.

Petroleum Safety Authority Norway. Aircraft that are to be used in actions against acute pollution, should be designed so that they can be used to carry out dispersion measures and so that they can contribute to monitoring pollution and directing seagoing vessels that take part in the action.

The main safety functions that shall be intact both during rnv after an accident situation, should be indicated.