Discourse Networks, / has 65 ratings and 2 reviews. Christina said: Because hard stuff to read likes to make think that you feel better about you. Cover of Discourse Networks, / by Friedrich Kittler Translated by Friedrich Kittler Translated by Michael Metteer, with Chris Cullens Foreword by. Discourse Networks / Thomas Sebastian. Some consider Friedrich Kittler’s Discourse Networks *. (originally published in under the .

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Friedrich Kittler obituary

Return to Book Page. Kittler turned that philosophy on its head.

It talks about discourse and, at least for me, quite literally reproduced its own discourse because for months I couldn’t shut up about it the book. He is survived by his second wife, Susanne Holl, and his brother Wolf.

Discourse Networks, 1800/1900

An appealingly perverse, cross-disciplinary and radical thinker who taught widely ktitler Germany and the US, Kittler was appointed professor of media aesthetics at Humboldt University, Berlin, in It also gives such a great “reading” of the discojrse angel” logo that it will get tattooed on my arm, or re-inscripted, as it were.

Trivia About Discourse Network Kittler argued that technology changed the nature of war: Later technologies — the internet in particular — further extended technology’s domination over us. Paula Vosse rated it really liked it May 06, Kittler’s explanation of technological media suggest that they are capable of subsuming human corporeality, subjugating the subject to data such that agency dissolves and Man and soul no longer apply [Fuller uses this point to distinguish Kittler from McLuhan who suggests a more cooperative dynamic between humans and kittller extensions].

With the medial turn in the discourse network ofthe flight of ideas commences. Eugenia rated it really liked it Feb 20, Friedrich Kittler was a literary scholar and a media theorist. Steven rated it really liked it Aug 26, His biographer Geoffrey Winthrop-Young argued that Kittler’s project was to trace “not the triumphal emergence of humanity into freedom, but our exit from the fulsome enjoyment of our taste for ourselves netqorks assigns humanity a place to which it has neetworks right”.


Kittler identifies one defining locus for the transition between the two epistemes, oddly enough, in talking dollswhich he explains shift from repeating parental phrases dolls of to the self-relation of children’s neteorks voices talking or singing to children Edison. According to admirers, he would have liked to have played in the band. Keith rated it really liked it Mar 29, Quotes from Discourse Network We know that he was married, for instance, because he reported that his interest in Lacan caused arguments with his wife “as she wished to remain professionally faithful to Freud”.

Roger Whitson rated it really liked it Nov 17, Kittler’s point was not that machines will exterminate us; rather that we are deluded to consider ourselves masters of our networ,s domain. The artful structure of the book begins with Goethe’s Faust and ends with Vale;ry’s Faust.

The author focuses on the differences between ‘discourse networks’ in and inin the process developing a new analysis of the shift from romanticism to modernism.

The eclectic German post-structuralist philosopher and media theorist Friedrich Kittler, who has died aged 68, once wrote: Circa several blindnesses–of the writer, of writing, of discoufse together to guarantee an elementary blindness: Kittler joked that it was unusual for a German intellectual to get tenure by being inspired by a madman’s text.

Kittler notes that Foucault ended his archaeology of discourse aroundjust before things got going with the second industrial revolution and the expansion of media technologies — typewriter, gramophone, and film each contributing to a medial turn Foucault does not address.

After an academic career networrks more than 30 years, during which he wrote and edited more than two dozen books, he retired inremaining Humboldt’s guest professor in media philosophy. The discourse network of is set against the discourse network of Kittler presented himself in interviews as a discougse and socially awkward man — one who kept his personal life private, revealing only what impinged on his work.


Friedrich Kittler obituary | Books | The Guardian

By the time of his death, one volume of kiytler projected monumental tetralogy on music and mathematics had been published. Damien Peterson rated it really liked it Aug 23, Arguably, Pink Floyd meant more to him than Foucault. Account Options Sign in.

Learning to Read in 27 Motherliness and Civil Service. The author focuses on the differences between ‘discourse networks’ in and inin the process developing a new analysis of the shift from romanticism to modernism. Invented at the same time by the same engineers, they launched a two-pronged attack on a monopoly that had not been granted to the book until the time of universal alphabetization: Literary philosophy driven by interpretation; philosophy joins poetry in the hermeneutic trap; complementarity of genders.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Friday, November 10, TAGS agency alphabetization archive association author Benjamin body channel coupling cybernetics data Derrida discourse epoch exteriority film Foucault free. That you are better, and that the world will be a better place because of the fact you read and understood this book.

Rebus ; psychoanalysis, literature: Jessica rated it really liked it Mar 12, In retrospect the discourse network of is a single machine designed to neutralize discursive effects and establish ‘our absurd world of educators’–‘to the “able servant of the state” this promises a regulating schema’–founded on the ruin of words “