Much of Traminette’s background information presented here was provided by Dr . Bruce Reisch at Cornell University and Dr. Bruce Bordelon at Purdue. Aromella is a cross between Traminette and Ravat 34, which are Among the goals of Cornell’s wine grape-breeding program, Reisch said. Bruce Reisch harvests grapes as part of the Cornell grape-breeding program, which has several new Cornell released Traminette in

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Disease and insect resistance. Much of the Finger Lakes’ hraminette reputation for good wine over the past decade is because the region’s microclimate is similar to the fine grape growing regions of Germany and France.

Bruce Reisch, who took over a vacant grape-breeding position in Alert me to new issues of HortScience. Fruit were first observed in and the original vine was propagated in under the number NY Click for guide to enable. Gonsalves, personal communication ; infected vines in New York trials have been observed to be as productive as adjacent uninfected vines H.


At Geneva, NY, on heavier, less fertile soils, vines have been adequately productive, averaging Tfaminette, it is reasonably free of black rot and Botrytis cinerea fruit rot, but is more affected by Phomopsis viticolawhich causes Phomopsis cane and leaf spot, and can lead to fruit rot. Agricola Articles by Reisch, B.

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Nursery requests for cuttings may be addressed to B.

All juice samples were analyzed for pH, soluble solids by refractometry, and titratable acidity by titration expressed as tartaric acid equivalents. If it does develop, however, a common approach would be to plant on phylloxera-resistant rootstocks. Traminette is a vinifera-type wine grape.

PubMed Articles by Reisch, B. The foliage can be affected by downy mildew, but standard commercial spraying can control this issue. Ray Pompilio is a wine cofnel based in Ithaca, N.

Much of the following information comes from this bulletin and, where applicable, is directly quoted with the permission of Dr. Marquis is a table grape. In New York, three growers have indicated satisfaction with viticultural and enological traits of ‘Traminette’. New grapes reiscb have been bred for the climate are eagerly anticipated.

Georgia and the S. Previous Section Next Section.

Traminette – Wikipedia

In Indiana, this cultivar offers both better winter hardiness and greater tolerance for diseases than its vinifera parent. All comments are subject to review and will be posted as soon as possible.

The right training system for Traminette depends on vineyard site characteristics. Semi-commercial trials are being prepared in southwest Michigan. Reiscb to Bruce Reisch’s home page.

Classifications Cultivar and Tarminette Releases. Control wines were produced following a standard procedure; in short, fruit was pressed and juice settled overnight in glass carboys, then inoculated with yeast strain EC Lallemand, Montreal, CA.


Until they are released, grapes are referred to by number only. Excessive bitterness due to prolonged skin contact has not been observed. The cross of Joannes Seyve Reisch has released three white wine grapes — Chardonel, Melody, and Horizon — and cornrl red seedless table grape — Einset Seedless — since coming to the grape breeding program at Geneva in In Missouri, vines were moderately vigorous with good productivity M.

Food and Life Sci. Annual cane pruning weights averaged 1. Bordelon determined that cluster thinning is usually not needed for Traminette, except on young vines in their second and third leaf years. In and years after, juice was also analyzed for yeast assimilable nitrogen YAN by enzymatic analysis.

New Grapes From Cornell Debut

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