13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati – by Fritz Springmeier. – Be Wise As Serpents – by Fritz Springmeier: Part One · Part Two · Part Three. – Deeper Insights into The. [pdf] Be Wise As Serpents by Fritz Springmeier – Read more about world, masonic, people, church, book and christian. Author: Springmeier Fritz Title: Be Wise As Serpents The magical watchtowers The masonic Tower of Babel Christianity’s systematic.

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The streets of Washington form the upside-down Pentagram with its point at the White House. Because the Jewish people are not easily springmeied, and yet are interwoven so deeply into the whole story line, it is necessary to point them out as the story develops.

[Book pdf] Be Wise As Serpents by Fritz Springmeier – Whale

There is a cow in the picture below. But readers of the manuscript kept wanting to know where I got authority to dare criticize anyone Jewish.

BE Wise as Serpents is the history of the systematic destruction of Christianity and the building of a 1-world-religion. This Author is betting on God’s. Jews and non-Jews, stressed these links in their historical research works.

Fritz Springmeier Jesus told his

But as our frame of reference expands we begin to learn things that are surprising. There are many other identical claims or similar ones made by other Jews in books and articles whose primary reading audiences would be Jewish. It is in the Jewish Encyclopeadia. Protestants and Catholics think nothing about a millionaire evangelist preaching Jesus’ sermons to the poor. Rockefeller family – M e m seerpents e r s of t h i s f a m i l y have been p r o m i n e n t in t h e B i ld e rbe rg e r sCFR; t h e y have been one-worlders and have funded countless projects and groups to further t h e New Order’s goals.

But now these vast spy networks can not be dismantled. The primary use of the word Christian in this book is epringmeier use it in its broadest sense. The result of the Pietist view is that it shields the Protestants from experiencing the Spiritual power of the Christian community. This Author has a hope, a faith in the ultimate triumph of good, a triumph man alone can not achieve.

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WHAT this book is revealing is the struggle between God’s value system and man’s. For instance, this Author studied the following group.

Knowledge is a tool. The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are reminders to patriotic Americans thatthere are limits to what a government should or even legally can do.

They have created such an artificial frame of reference that the public finds it hard to hang factual information about the conspiracy in their frame of reference.

This is understandable; such is the exigencies of a spiritual war against powerful conspiracies. At any rate, there are so many myths, so much intermarriage, and movement of peoples that the popular ‘histories’ of he should be tossed aise the garbage. It made me sick to see the leaders that the Christian people looked up to selling them into slavery.

A huge tome of Illuminati info. The New World Society.

Be Wise as Serpents

The Masons devious efforts to insure that Christianity has no power at all. Their attraction for the number matches an interesting prophecy made by a fisherman in the first century A. Christians are attracted to its nice looking apple called the New World Order. I hope that others who have made other pledges will reevaluate their oaths, and choose the higher fulfillment of their search for light by joining with me. Because no person can have a total monopoly on the facts of a subject, I welcomed the help of others.

But then how does one describe their ties? King Bulan III of Khozaria concluded that Prince Sviatoslav emerged victorious from the war because his troops and mercenaries were Christians, while his nomads were pagan worshipers. In the end it doesn’t matter who wins the battles, but who is on the ultimate winning side when the war ends. See this footnote for the documentation of Bush’s membership in the Order.


Likewise, it is this book’s purpose to be spiritually beneficial. CIA security This book is a blockbuster, not in all that it reveals, which is plenty, but in what it implies.

Rather than detract from the readability by labelling all the various groups being used by the Conspiracy Power “pseudo-Christian”, I prefer to use their own ftitz. Schall- Vritz of Roosevelt’s Jewish frotz, killed by an unidentified hit and run driver.

Serpennts serpent was wise, because he knew the issues at stake. This man has played a leading role in Judaism and the New Order. The lustful call themselves “good lovers. The back cover describes it adroitly. Werner V rated it it was amazing Apr 21, Another good book about Bush is James J. Disconnect yourself from the umbilical cords of the conspiracy, which have fed you misleading information. I enjoy labelling people just a notch above catching AIDS.

We know that it will be some kind of miraculous display of his power and glory. Kertzer, a well-known and well-travelled Rabbi ge asked to explain Judaism gave a very appropriate answer to the question what is a Jew. This group consisting of European nations, Japan and the U.

It is important to put George Bush in perspective. Perhaps it will be when they do a currency exchange. But the reader may discover that organizations run by the Conspiracy Power have slaughtered millions. Perhaps your high school history book like mine showed a picture of Nixon waging an anti-Communist crusade in the ‘s. This book is not an attack on individual religious or philosophical beliefs, except where necessary to turn people from the false Authority of the One-World-Power.