ARCANUM DIVINAE SAPIENTIAE. Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII, published in , on the sacrament of matrimony. Its main thesis is that the marriage contract. Marriage, and its basis in natural law, is addressed by Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical Arcanum divinae sapientia. This encyclical was published. Arcanum Divinae Sapientiae Christian Marriage Encyclical Letter Pope Leo XIII [ Pope Leo XIII] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Hilary of Poitiers on atcanum Natural Law 1 St. As the State has exercised more power over marriage, it has arrogated to itself the right to define it, and, ignoring its fundamental nature, has allowed such corruptions to enter into the positive laws of marriage such as divorce and remarriage, and serial polygamy.

Arcanum Divinae Sapientiae – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Even in Catholic States the evil existed.

He was the first pope to never arcajum held any control over the Papal States, ardanum they were dissolved by Rerum novarum] and his attempts to define the position of the Catholic Church with regard to modern thinking. Neither, therefore, by reasoning can it be shown, nor by any testimony of history be proved, that power over the marriages of Christians has ever lawfully been handed over to the rulers of the State. Sapiebtiae has God for its Author, and was from the very beginning a kind of foreshadowing of the Incarnation of His Son; and therefore there abides in it a something holy and religious; not extraneous, but innate; not derived from men, but implanted by nature.

Francis of Assisi 1 St. Sapifntiae on the Natural Law 5 St. For, as We have shown in former encyclical letters, 56 the intellect of man is greatly sapientiaw by the Christian faith, and made better able to shun and banish all error, while faith borrows in turn no little help from the intellect; and in like manner, when the civil power is on friendly terms with the sacred authority of the Church, there accrues to both a great increase of usefulness.

Ambrose on Natural Law 2 St. Justin Martyr 2 St. This comes about in many ways: He ennobled the marriage in Cana of Galilee by His presence, and made it memorable by the first of the miracles which he wrought; 7 and for this reason, even from that day forth, it seemed as if the sapiebtiae of new holiness had been conferred on human marriages. For it began with the beginning of the rational creature and does not vary with time.


Lex Christianorum: Natural Law of Marriage: Arcanum divinae sapientia

God thus, in His most far-reaching foresight, decreed that this husband and wife should be the natural beginning of the human race, from whom it might be propagated and preserved by an unfailing fruitfulness throughout all futurity of time. Corpus juru canonicied. The Natural Law and the Common Good: The Encyclical points to the consequences of that departure in the breaking up of family life, and its evil effects on society at large. Tuesday, February 8, Natural Sapienriae of Marriage: Ignatius of Loyola 3 St.

Other reasons also proving that persons should turn with dread from such marriages are chiefly these: For God, the Maker of all things, well knowing what was sapientlae for the institution and preservation of each of His creatures, so ordered them by His will and mind that each might adequately attain the end for which it was made. Hence, while admitting the right of civil authority to regulate the civil concerns and consequences of marriage, the Church has always claimed exclusive authority over the marriage contract and its essentials, since it is a sacrament.

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These are truths that doubtlessly are all clear in themselves, but they will become clearer yet if we call to mind the teachings of experience. Augustine, one cannot see how it could have offered greater help in the matter of living well sapientiiae happily, had it been instituted for the single object of procuring or increasing those things which contributed to the conveniences or advantages of this mortal life. Now is the time, they say, for the heads of the State to vindicate their rights unflinchingly, and to do their best to settle all that relates to marriage according as to them seems good.

The marriage contract, Divinely instituted, had from the beginning two properties: Blame that culture, not traditional Western Culture. We live in the Modern West, in the modified Saientiae, in the transformed West.

Prayer to Mary by John Paul II O Maria, Mater Misericordiae, omnibus nobis prospice, ne inanis reddatur crux Christi, ne deerret homo a via bonitatis, neque peccati conscientiam amittat, sed spem sibi augeat in Deo, qui dives est in misericordia, libere exsequatur opera bona ab Eo praeparata et sic fiat totam per vitam in laudem gloriae eius.


Arcanum Divinae (Christian Marriage)

Ambrose on Virtue 2 St. We don’t live in the West.

Mutual rights and duties were secured to husband and wife; mutual rights and duties between parents and children were also asserted: This is a great sacrament; but I speak in Christ and in the Church. Cepit enim ab exordio rationalis creaturae, nec uariatur tempore, sed immutabile permanet.

Lastly, since We well know that none should be excluded from Our charity, We commend, venerable brothers, to your fidelity and piety those unhappy persons who, carried away by the heat of passion, and being utterly indifferent to their salvation, live wickedly together without the bond of lawful marriage.

Hence are owing civil arcanu, commonly so divinad ‘hence laws are framed which impose impediments to marriage; hence arise judicial sentences affecting the marriage contract, as to whether or not it have been rightly made.

To ask other readers questions about Arcanum Divinaeplease sign up. Augustine of Hippo 6 St. Augustine 1 Golden Rule in St.

Jesus Among the Doctors of the Law And all that heard him were astonished at his wisdom and his answers. Furthermore, after all power had devolved upon the Christian emperors, the supreme pontiffs and bishops assembled in council persisted with the same independence and consciousness of their right in commanding or forbidding in regard to marriage whatever they judged to be profitable or expedient for the time being, however much it might seem to be at variance with the laws of the State.

The Church, always and everywhere, has so used her power with reference to the marriages of Christians that men have seen clearly how it belongs to her as of native right; not being made hers by any human grant, but given divinely to her by the will of her Founder.