Getting Started with : Important Details. # Inheritance. Reference App; Welcome; Manage Things. Credits; Demo Mode. The stack versions provide + + + in a single file.

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What are the advantages of Knockback. From what I’ve seen of both and having used Backbone professionallywhile backbone has more documentation on the web, the problem is it’s a very flexible framework and it doesn’t force much upon the developer, which is great. It’s hard enough to get corporate buy in on knockbackk. Your voice will help us improve JavaScript.

The fact that knockout will be included in MVC4 would suggest it is reaching maturity and has a strong level of momentum behind it. However backbone seems to be better adopted and more mature. However, it does mean that a kncokback of tutorials talk in different paradigms. Glad you’re enjoying the subroute plugin!

To provide feedback leave a message or knockbac an issue. The documentation is good too. If you would like to have great transition animations between your panes or pages, you need to expose add them to the kb. The main issue is leaving the routing solution up to the library user allowing for any routing solution and generalizing the mechanism for checking the fragment to route.


Getting Started with Knockback.js: Knockback.js Basics

If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question. So here it is The bloat of dependencies that comes with Knockback is pretty rough though, especially on mobile. Am I right in saying backbone and knockout do not solve the same problem? Knockout is great for syncing between the client and server, and does history knockbacm routing well. Another option of data binding: Dave Cadwallader 1, 12 kjockback Community Extensions Submit yours now!

Actual settings eg colors for different priorities in a task list to be applied on all the associated ViewModels, or It does feel a bit like building a Frankenstein monster, sometimes, stitching together all these libraries. So the question is “is knockBack going to be a long term supportable solution?

The docs and examples are unnecessarily complex, so I wrote a blog describing Knockback with some very simple examples and a JSFiddle to get you started. Views Controllers Proper separation between: In addition to adding a little knockack to your application, if you are using Knockout. I really appreciate KnockOut too, because it can really be added gradually to an app without much assumptions nor getting in the way.

Getting Started: Basics

I’ve tried both Knockout and Backbone with Circle https: Unfortunately I can’t comment on backbone as I haven’t used beyond tutorials, someone else might be able to assist though. Test with RunKit Report a vulnerability.


Too often, in a large Backbone application you find yourself building up views with too much logic in them, almost always requiring sub-state management. Comes bundled with knockback-pane-navigator. This component provides a page navigator with no history and no transitions.

I just released v0.

Getting Started with Knockback.js: Knockback.js Important Details

Therefore it is easily supportable think 5 years later. Usage You can manually bind a pane-navigator: Dependencies Knockback requires Knockout.

When an element is created, Knockback binds Knockout’s dispose node callback: This is actually an improper use of views, which should be as logic-less as possible. Main benefit of Knockback. If you consider localized labels as observed properties, then you can understand how Knockback provides internationalization to your applications.

Can another provide examples of where one would be superior over the other? Todd on Sept 2, Following MVVM principles where jd ViewModel is the “View’s Model”, and therefore owns its own properties and methods which are then reflected in the View itself, Knockback ViewModels can add View setting and knokcback properties, which are not and should not be!