Khachig Tölölyan is Professor of English and. Comparative Literature in the College of Letters at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He has also held visiting. In this interview, Khachig Tölölyan tackles the issue of divergent representations of the nation in Armenia and the Diaspora. He also deals with some. Khachig Tölölyan is the author of Redefining Diasporas ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews) and Diaspora, Identity and Religion ( avg rating, 0 rati.

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Review of a book on three major thinkers and the important topic in the s of the “Political Unconscious”.

The list could be extended by naming the secondary diasporas created by the dispersion of the Iranian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi and now Syrian diasporas. What complicates the situation is constant change.

Tölölyan Teaches Transnationalism Seminar, Delivers Keynote at Diaspora Conference

Yerevan is already the place where many diasporans meet each other, and it can benefit greatly from becoming a more skillful host and co-ordinator of this traffic of people, minds and ideas, of pan-Armenian communication. What khacbig you think of this? Meanwhile, it has not been able to capitalize on its political role in Armenia as a way of increasing its prestige in the Diaspora, as it had hoped. Many of us have sometimes accepted such positions of cooperative subordination because we thought we were working on projects that, if fulfilled, would benefit the people of Armenia, or all of the Armenian people worldwide.

Khachig Tölölyan

This means that the new, not-quite assimilated youth are not easily mobilized by older diasporic or homeland institutions: Until recently, “dispersion” was a very large category of which diaspora was a specific subset, a part not identical with the whole.


Always available outside of class, delightful and conversational to no end. A little arrogant, khacig he really knows what he’s talking about and his lectures are really very interesting.

The History of Dispersion and Evolution. As you say, there is a dynamics of transnationalism and globalization that has led to accelerated migration, the formation of an increased number of transnational communities, and the creation of some new diasporas, along tololyqn the increase in size and heterogeneity of older diasporas like the Armenian. They knew how to talk to their diasporic colleagues. Some observers will say in private that distrust of the governments of the three Presidents, combined with donor fatigue, means that there is no more collective energy in the Diaspora, especially while it is focusing on the centenary of the Genocide.

Tololyan Khachig-Diaspora as a Resource-Armenia more.

Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. The few energetic Ramgavars I know now are engaged in a continuing internal struggle.

There is always a delay. This field is required. But it is also how they think of their social, cultural and political identities.

Project MUSE – The Contemporary Discourse of Diaspora Studies

For example, the Armenian American community, in particular the Armenian Assembly 6was able to function effectively for a while as a lobbying advocate of the Republic just after the Karabagh conflict. I was an Econ major, but glad I made the time! John Barth’s Courting of the Reader more.

In my experience with scholars and government officials in Armenia, this is not a concept they can accept, so far. For example, the dispersion of poor and often black people from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is now routinely called “the Katrina diaspora. Log In Sign Up. Any response must begin with the assertion that Israel was the creation of Diaspora Jews. This man is brilliant.


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Armenians form a majority in the region. The most pessimistic assessment I have heard is that they know tolilyan is going to collapse, and they are squeezing the last drop of blood, taking out their money to Moscow or Switzerland, or London or Cyprus.

The most important, and with which this [End Page ] essay is concerned, are those between dispersion and diaspora; the emic “study of diasporas” and the etic field of diaspora studies; disciplinary appropriations and inflections of diaspora; and the emergence yololyan a supradisciplinary discourse of diaspora.

This is a report on some of the major issues discussed at a 2.

The bottom-line remains that the leaders of Armenia do seem very reluctant to engage diaspora communities in a political or civil society type of role at home.

A scholar’s statement on how to think about the Armenia Diaspora written for Armenian International Magazine, Los Angeles, kyachigarguably remains relevant today. Skip to main content.

Anyways, do yourself a favor and take one of his classes. But potential is not actual or available.