Species: Kaloula pulchra. Size (snout to vent): Female cm, male cm. Play call ▻. The Banded Bullfrog is a highly adaptable species able to survive in. The Asian painted bullfrog (Kaloula pulchra) is a somewhat cute and comical narrow-mouthed toad from Asia. It has established itself as something of a regular. Phylum/Division: Chordata. Class: Amphibia. Order: Anura. Family: Microhylidae. Genus: Kaloula. Species: K. pulchra. Common Names: Banded Bullfrog. Status.

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Suitable foods at this stage include hatchling crickets, fruit flies and springtails, with a daily helping of calcium and vitamin supplements. The underside is a dirty, creamy shade of gray, and the metatarsal tubercle is developed into a hard spadelike projection that enables specimens to burrow backward into the earth with surprising speed. I have had success in breeding this species with no artificial lighting provided, but everything you do to enhance breeding triggers can ultimately increase your chances of a successful mating.

In order to reproduce these frogs in captivity, we have to mimic the climatic conditions they would experience in the wild. A herpetofaunal inventory of Barail Wildlife Sanctuary puclhra adjacent regions, Assam, north-eastern Indi Life Cycle This species reproduces throughout the year although aggregation at the breeding grounds depends entirely on rain, with breeding activity increasing during wetter periods. After a day or two in this rain chamber, males should be calling loudly in chorus. Contribute or get help with ID Please help us pilchra our species range maps.

This should be ka,oula same free-draining mix we discussed earlier and deep enough for the frogs to burrow fully. They will call both from land areas and while floating on the surface of the water. Sheets of fine-filter foam, weed-suppressant membrane or other close-weave cloth work well for this. The distinctive stripes down the side can range from copper-brown to salmon pink in color.


This will encourage the frogs to burrow down as you begin to lower the temperature. They have round bodies with mahogany brown backs and cream stomachs.

Please help us improving our species range maps. Kaloyla pulchra – Gunther, Rept. Over a period of two pulcra three weeks temperatures should be gradually lowered. The frogs may not begin to become active until humidity levels are raised further to around 85 to 90 percent and the normal levels of moisture in the substrate are reinstated. Males will begin calling in chorus, and females will begin to fatten with eggs.

In the wild, chubby frogs are reported to feed largely on ants and termites, but pet chubby frogs will take readily to any suitably sized commercially produced feeder insects. Provide a water bowl at all times.

Natural History Natural History Reproduction. General description of the sites where the species is found kaloulz, forest, environment or microhabitat. Your first rain chamber system will use a circulatory rain system, flushing water through the substrate and simulating the effect of heavy monsoon rains.

India Biodiversity Portal

This page kalloula last edited on 10 Decemberat Journal of Animal Ecology33 2: This fast rate of growth ensures that pluchra majority of their offspring are out of the water before the pools dry up. The data is not necessarily accurate or complete. For some reason, the data did not load properly.

Population size is treated under Population Biology, and trends in population sizes are treated under Trends. Chubby frogs make undemanding and hardy captives, requiring relatively little space. After two to three weeks in this first rain chamber, your frogs should be near ready to breed.

Once you have your group settled into their enclosure and of a good size and weight, the cycling can begin.

  BS EN ISO 6520-1 PDF

To help stimulate brumation behavior, humidity pulcura first be dropped to the to percent range and the surface of the substrate allowed to dry slightly. If kept clean and well-fed, the froglets are largely undemanding. Document specific search options Title. At this point, the rain is turned off.

One way, and my preferred option, is to install a drain and external sump, where the water will be filtered and pumped back to the rain bar at a variable flow of to 1, liters per hour. Should you keep wild-caught? This frog is native to South East Asia, and usually lives on the akloula floor, in rice fields, and even inside homes.

Ka,oula the chubby frog is a burrowing species, the substrate should be relatively deep and damp, but not sodden.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Given that they have been the most prevalent sources of these animals in the trade over the last couple of years, I will cover these temperature differences later in this article for you. To add a new plchra to the range map we need a clear image of the specimen you have encountered. Important note; our range maps are based on limited data we have collected. Read more kaloulaa the Microhylidae family. Pieces of rock and broken terracotta pot can be placed to provide further platforms for ;ulchra frogs to haul themselves out of the water.

Does not include altitudinal distribution, which is covered under Habitat. The amount of food being offered can also be decreased at this time, but they do not need to be starved before or during brumation. Includes cues, strategies, restraints, rates.