Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) said: Cry of the Icemark was a stirring military The Cry of the Icemark (The Icemark Chronicles, #1). Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade –This epic fantasy has at its center a Book 1 of 3 in The Icemark Chronicles (3 Book Series). A brave girl must defy an empire to save her homeland in a sweeping fantasy that combines breathless action with richly-imagined characters. After the death of.

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Also, I give it a 10 out of 10 because the characters in the book just flow right into the plot with the treat of war coming the new young queen Thirrin seeks out to find allies that with help them in the upcoming war between her and the General of the Polypontian Empire Scipio Bellorum. But since this book is a lesson on courage and bravery, my girl, Thirrin takes it all in stride. Evil witches were chhronicles from The Icemark, but good witches were allowed to remain, as they’re good healers and midwives, can drive blight from a harvest, and are a brilliant defense against the vampire King and Queen.

The story of Thirrin and Oskan was interesting and it was a good version of the teenager suddenly ruling a kingdom.

I loved her friend, Oskan, Witch’s Son too. Stuart Hill said in an interview he based Grishmak chrobicles Brian Blessed. Thanks to the Dance Master, he loses his disability and learns to fight.

Later, as the harsh winter’s ices begin to thaw, the Polypontian army begins to advance. Excellent made and perfectly-written!

The Icemark Chronicles Series by Stuart Hill

And I appreciated that, and I am sure that his younger readers probably do as well. Oskan’s father and Medea’s grandfather, Cronus rejected the Goddess’s love and was banished to the Dark.

It was supposed to be climactic I think, but we were tired of reading about war preparations! She will forge an extraordinary alliance of noble Snow Leopards, ancient Vampires, and ferocious Wolf-folk. I was crushed when the archers were cut down during the battle for Frostmarris.

I also loved his wry sense of humor and the fact that he never took himself too importantly, despite his incredible latent power. And no, the inhabitants don’t set fire to their city. A lesson for Mr.

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Major points scored for Stuart Hill and other male authors who write such strong roles for women. He attacks Thirrin when she goes hunting, but he allows her to live after overpowering her. I give “The Cry of the Icemark” a 10 out of I LOVE this book.


The Icemark Chronicles 2: Rereading it now, I feel the same wonder I remember in the world of the Icemark. In addition the author seems to have a fascination with the numberwhich had appeared four or five times in the span of two short like sentence short paragraphs as well as having to be the number of the king who rules one of the more animalistic allies Thirrin picks up. Her answer is that she is a special case because SHE was raised by a man.

The story begins with a detailed history-book style narrative of the kingdom of Icemark breaking the vaunted “show, don’t tell” ruleand then moves on into some very “staged” plot devices. Not Enabled Word Wise: I just wish that Hill had walked away from this one at the manuscript stage for about a year, taken the time to write some other things, then come back and given it the sort of brutal editing that would have taken it from mediocre to great.

Fantasy fans, military history aficionados.

At the beginning of the story, The Icemark had enemies to the north The Land-of-the-Ghosts and chroniclles the icematk Polypontus as well as to the east and west Sea Raiders: The characters didn’t engage me and failed to make that connection that makes a icemrk care what happens to them.

The Chrknicles Chronicles 3 books. In the final book, Cressida marries a commander called Leonidas. He agrees to help defend the Icemark against the Polypontians, and gathers a giant army to stop the Imperial invasion and helps Sharley get an alliance with the Lusu, a warlike people that border the Desert Kingdom. King Redrought’s reign lasted the longest. Thirrin wins the battle when the Polypontian Empire flees.

To ask other readers questions about The Cry of the Icemarkplease sign up. Along with their fierce nature, there were elements of their rich sense of family and tradition, many aspects that would have been destroyed or wiped away by the Polipontans, who cared nothing for other cultures, only the assimilation of their lands and raw resources.


Edward Lindenshield is the King of the Icemark, who is killed in battle against an army of Vampires and Werewolves. But he has no intention of acting like a good little prince, and iceamrk off to find some of the greatest allies the Icemark could hope for.

We needed something to get everybody excited about listening again. She is killed with Olememmnon by Erinor’s horde. The reading was very easy as it is a Young Adult novel.

The Icemark Chronicles

Stuart has said he would like to write two more stories involving Redrought but he is unsure if he will get the opportunity to.

She is deeply jealous of Sharley and turns traitor on her family, helping the Polypontian army in secret. I felt there was this nice mingling of seriousness and urgency as well as humour.

Elemnestra was killed with her mounted archers to save the fyrd and the cavalry, in a battle against the Polypontian cannons. The book wasn’t macabre ocemark too dark, which led me to think it was pro I still remember the incident in which I bought this book.

In the second book she is very old, and has been kept alive by Oskan’s healing powers. This would be a proper book for adolescents, not so much for an adult. If the book does make it to the big screen, I expect it will iceamrk an excellent one and I”d gladly see it. I found the battle scenes quite vivid, and the tension between technology and icemar, unknown thought-provoking. The Icemark Chronicles by Stuart Hill.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Mekhmet is the icemarl prince of the Desert Kingdom.

Fortunately, because the Vampire Queen chooses to remain behind, she and her vampires are able to defend the Icemark, launching raids and ambushes on the ice demons. Medea The Icemark Chronicles.