Doc – 05 – Security Manual – Seventh Edition – Free download as PDF File . pdf), Text File Check the ICAO website under aviation security. ICAO SECURITY MANUAL DOC The following PDF talk about the subject of ICAO SECURITY MANUAL DOC , coupled with the. and booksellers, please go to the ICAO website at .. The Aviation Security Manual (Doc — Restricted) provides detailed.

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See Airport Community Watch Program. However, the threat from large fire suppression and agricultural aircraft were higher than GA aircraft, given their load carrying and special operational capabilities. Install a bulletin board for posting security information and meeting notices. Size and capability of based or transient aircraft will help determine relative threat, as well.

Finally, busy airports with a mixture of large and small aircraft operations may require several levels of analysis. Finally, direct contact with a local law enforcement agency may provide the most responsive and effective means of reporting.

Notably, access restrictions to aircraft operating areas are more difficult to impose and enforce due to the lack of security infrastructure and personnel. Plans, coordinated with local and State law enforcement agencies should be developed for at least the following events: Of particular security concern are aircraft that can carry large, bulky or heavy loads such as those used for fire suppression, construction or sky diving operations.

ICAO assumed a leadership role in developing aviation security policies and measures at the international level, and today the enhancement of global aviation security is a key objective of the Organization. See Airport Community Watch Program. Scheduled CAT generally operates from major airports that provide a significant security control and screening infrastructure. Please enable scripts and reload this page.


Yet, many more aircraft and flight crew members participate in general aviation and aerial work. Classes of security measures include: This material covers such icxo as airline and cargo security and, of course, crisis management. Once the level of risk has been determined mitigating factors can be devised to counter the threat. ICAO Annex 1 The pilot license, when linked to a government issued identification containing a photograph such as a driving licensewill permit authorized personnel to positively identify pilot personnel.

Ideally, a master aviation threat assessment should be conducted by State authorities on an ongoing basis to provide all concerned with current information. Plans, coordinated with local and State law enforcement agencies should be developed for at least the following events:.

It is essential that every airport employee, tenant, and user is familiar with reporting unusual or suspicious circumstances on airport property.

Pilots who appear to be under the control of another person. Local controls are normally associated with access to airports and airport operating areas. Temporary flight restrictions associated with specific activities or events are normally considered more effective than permanent or large area prohibitions. Where assessments indicate higher risk levels devices to immobilize the aircraft may be warranted.

GA operations at non-commercial service airports will normally have fewer security controls applied due to the lower threat levels associated with those activities. Without this activity essential transportation functions would be eliminated and the opportunities associated with them would be lost to the economies they potentially serve.

Further, helicopters and amphibious or float-equipped aircraft specialize in off-airport operations. The second is through a national or wide-area toll-free central telephone reporting number, connecting to a law enforcement or intelligence agency. Biometrics and Border Security.

There are three basic ways that persons can report suspect activities. Because of the size, payload and special characteristics of certain types of AW operations special precautions may be necessary to prevent their misuse. Skip to main content. As threats emerge and change appropriate security measures may be imposed.



Access control breach Theft or attempted theft of an aircraft Assault on an airport employee, tenant or transient persons Bomb threat Airport Community Watch Program The vigilance of airport users is one of the most prevalent methods of enhancing security at GA airports. Because the local knowledge of the above factors is probably incomplete, assistance in conducting an airport threat assessment should be provided by State and local intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Include appropriate emergency phone numbers on the sign. At the other end of the spectrum a GA airport may have multiple paved runways exceeding meters in length, hundreds of based aircraft and large complexes of hangars, buildings and business facilities.

New Inter-Agency Arrangement to heighten counter-terrorism efforts through greater support for aviation security. GA airports may be as small as a meter grass runway and have no based aircraft, hangars, buildings or other infrastructure. Scheduled CAT generally operates from major airports that provide a significant security control and screening infrastructure.

See General Aviation Airport Security Procedures Operational control refers to airspace restrictions imposed by the State to prevent operation of aircraft in the vicinity of sensitive areas or activities.

Doc Security Manual –

Aircraft with unusual or unauthorized modifications. Further, excessive use of restricted airspace unnecessarily denies aircraft operators operational flexibility and freedom of transit.

These controls are normally applied sparingly to small areas to protect only the most important ground activities; enforcement of restrictions associated with large or numerous restricted areas is sevurity.