In this engrossing book, Maria Dzielska searches behind the legend to bring us the She takes us back to the Alexandria of Hypatia’s day, with its Library and. In this engrossing book, Maria Dzielska searches behind the legend to bring us the real story of Hypatia’s life and death, and new insight into her colorful world. John Toland. Hypatia or the History of a most beautiful, most virtuous, most learned and in every way accomplished lady, who was torn to pieces by the clergy of.

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She does her very best to cull supposition from the biography leaving the author with constant references to a handful of meager sources. She therefore did not create any new advancements in philosophy, mathematics or any other area, but instead taught the teachings of and commented on earlier writers such as Plato, Ptolemy whose earth-centered universe she wholly endorsed and Diophantus the founder of algebra, if there was one specific person who founded it.

Allowances should be made. Prefect Orestes more ‘secularized’ faction Civitas Terrena aroused trepidation among Cyril’s adherents and other clergy members. Jan 17, Christina rated it liked it. But this is the story of much of early Christianity. And because they actually wrote things spoiler alert: This book, while scholarly, wasn’t bad, but was clearly meant for a niche audience.

Hypatia of Alexandria

Kathleen Wider – – Hypatia 1 1: Books by Maria Dzielska. But she lived in a city with a massive Christian public sector. But it was in interpreting the primary sources, and critiquing their veracity and usefulness, that was most helpful to me.

She wasn’t killed because of her beliefs, she was killed because it supported an increase of political power by one group – the supporters of the Catholic Bishop Cyril – over the imperial administrator Orestes. During this period, the civic structure, which has been occupied by practicing Christians for some time, finally found itself dragged under the influence of a single-minded, exclusionary Christian monolith. You do not get a continuous narrative of the life of Hypatia. Request removal from index.


She concludes Hypatia was about 65 when she died, in A. This book is an academic text and could have done with being re-drafted to tell the story in a bit more lively fashion. There are many myths about Hypatia.

She was painted as a pagan witch and then attacked on the street by a mob lead by a Christian monk. Cyril, in addition to encouraging or enabling the assassination of Hypatia, also worked to rid Alexandria of pagans, battled and then expelled the Jews, and generally comes off as a power hungry monster. Alexander the Great had founded the city of his name years earlier and designated it a center of learning.

Hypatia of Alexandria ca. The new Archbishop Cyril was fomenting a power struggle with the Alexandrian Imperial Governor Orestes, who had supported the Rights of minorities Jews, Pagans, Christians against the divisive provocations dsielska fear mongering of Archbishop Cyril. Unfortunately there is not much in the way of source material to base a life of Hypatia on. So, although there are some differences between the myth and the reality she dzie,ska still one of my heroes and still deserves to be remembered.

Hypatia of Alexandria — Maria Dzielska | Harvard University Press

Paperbackpages. It was this affront that gave Cyril what he needed to add to his lies that Hypatia had overwhelmed Prefect Orestes with her “black magic” and was thus malevolently influencing the Alexandrian Government I greatly appreciated Maria Dzielska’s monograph due to her scholarly dissection of the period in history, comparing and contrasting the primary historical sources in order to come up with the most accurate account of Hypatia, her students, the political climate and the cultural backdrop in which this episode took place Looking for beautiful books?

Dzielska’s discussion of Hypatia has contributed to the understanding of women in late antiquity. It has a serviceable index, and quite a few notes.

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In fact, Alexandrian mobs had earlier murdered two separate Christian bishops in a manner similar to how Hypatia was murdered, so there was actually nothing unique about her murder. Coincidentally, Prefect Orestes had Hypatia as a Confidant or advisor, offering observations or opinions in civic and municipal matters. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church. At this time, the pagans were the intellegencia of Alexandria.

In this engrossing book, Maria Dzielska searches behind the legend to bring us the real story of Alexahdria life and death, and new insight into her colorful world. Bishop Cyril fomented a whispering campaign against a political foe and his followers brutally killed her.

While married to the philosopher Isidore, Hypatia wou Hypatia has become a symbol for dzieoska and feminists since her brutal attack and murder in AD. Drawing on the letters of Hypatia’s pupil, Synesius of Cyrene, the book constructs a picture of the young philosopher’s disciples and her teaching. It’s a huge middle finger the unprejudiced, open-minded atmosphere she created amidst her pupils.

And to think it’s basically the one non-fiction book out there people depend on. Alfred Gierer Snippet view – Sign in Create an account.

Harvard University Press The book reads well and for this the translator must be congratulated. Dzielska tries to give body and flesh to Hypatia but has little to work with here. Such literary treatments include Gibbon, Voltaire, and numerous less famous writers, all of whom either created or embellished a story not based on history, revolving around a supposed beautiful young pagan philosopher, the last line of defense of Greek philosophy and thought, hater of Christianity, opposed to Christian irrationality and obscurantism, and murdered by the Christians as a result.