Review and Buy Ground Zero – GZRW 15 S-AL at the best price and offers in Dubai – UAE at Shop Car speakers, Sub-woofers and Amplifiers Online. Model Ground Zero GZRW 12S-AL on set of parameters takes place in the rating category ‘Car audio’. This means that it is better than % of the models. Hi, Guys, As i was browsing the forum,so i can’t find any review on ground zero sub at all, so thought as a user should post a review of my own.

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Hi, When i installed the sub i was in doubt listening to others woofers of the same range of other company and i was like cheated ,but i was assured at that time ,and as soon as i damped my boot with the help of my friendthe whole scenario was changed it was performing on th par of my expectation. I would love ot get some reviews from gurus and other who have ground zero installed. Enter the code below and hit Verify. Toys and playgrounds Puzzles, jigsaw puzzles.

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Car speakers Ground Zero GZRW 12S-AL – specifications with pictures

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Neither diversification nor asset allocation ensure profit or guarantee against loss. Free Shipping All orders of 122s-al Your post confused me a little,were you posting on his behalf of smokin for HIS sub or you were telling us about YOUR sub in a wrong thread? I have a GZ sub. Please double check your mobile number and click on “Send Verification Code”.

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Update your profile Let us wish you a happy birthday! Add Thread to del. This sub when powered in DVC with a 2ohms stable amp,can go very loud with crip and clear Bass and Vibes. Nor should anything herein be construed as a recommendation 12-sal adopt any investment strategy or as legal, tax of accounting advice.


Originally Posted by noidaboy Are these the specs for the sub you are using or what smokkin is using? Well it’s been around 2 months 12-al am using the sub but it’s my second sub in two months: With an unallocated account, the investor owns a proportional interest in the gold bars but not the bars themselves, which can be leased to a third party.

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Ground Zero 12″ Sub GZRW 12S-AL – Parts For Sale – BRISKODA

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