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Today, rug and carpet production is still going on by the supports of Selcuklu Municipality with courses and special events, however it is less than the production ermenii 19th century.

Sille was called Sylata or Sylla in ancient times, had also some population in Roman period, according to the stone works of the ancient architecture of the city. The exhibition, which takes place in Studio-X, opened on Jan. The main means of existence were wheat, barley and animal husbandry and the Muslim population had increased in time.

Sille was connected to Selcuklu District with its two neighborhoods in Konya is one of the most important centers of this art in Anatolia. It is interesting to note that the presence of typography and text on the surface of buildings disappeared largely with modernism. Volume 9 Issue 10 Sayfa: Sille have an important role in this production process. There are also mimarissi about contemporary issues such as the Anatolian Leopard that was seen after 64 years in Turkey before it was shot dead.

The traditional songs are still being performed by musicians. They introduce their culture to visitors and guests.

The storefront photo studio, once the natural destination to commemorate rites of passage like births, graduations and weddings, has long given way to the preservation of those moments on Facebook and Instagram.

The architectural inscriptions, which could be read on the corners of buildings in Istanbul in the last quarter of the mimmarisi century, evidence the parallel development of the identity of the individual to modernism. In contrast to rrmeni palace architects, supported by the state, the architects of apartment buildings that primarily work within narrow urban lots give direction to civil architecture with their minor activities.


More than 40 works are on display here, many of them produced in completely different media. Non muslims of Sille were speaking a different type of Greek language which has many Turkish and local words miamrisi use.

Üç Horan Ermeni Kilisesi – Picture of Beyoglu Uc Horan Armenian Church, Istanbul

Using my own humble interest in natural history, I started to produce artworks. What kind of a collection would it have?

The Greek, Armenian and Levantine architects of Istanbul conceived typography, decoration and architecture as a stylistic ensemble. Later on, he looked at the formal documents of the museum in the Ottoman archives of the Prime Ministry and learned that Abdullah Bey was an Austria-origin scientist named Karl Eduard Hammerschmidt who took shelter in the Ottoman Empire due to the Vienna uprising in A plant called cehri is being used for coloring the carpets.

Probably many of the emigrants, in this period, had gone to Sille which is very close to Konya. Plague outbreak which happened in Konya in was one of these disasters. Born in Vienna inHammerschmidt had taken shelter in Istanbul infollowing the uprising of the masses against Austrian troops in Vienna.

He explains this with his project and important details that he found.

Bait Ur Rouf Mosque in Dhaka ile ilgili görsel sonucu | Mosque | Pinterest | Mosque, Doors and Bait

Only one artisan is going on manufacturing jugs in Sille and the unique earthenwares mimariai their original forms and decorations are waiting for their visitors.

Abstract Some of the settlements located within the boundaries of the current Province of Kars had become the capital of the Armenian Kingdoms that existed in Eastern Anatolia in the medieval period as vassals of great empires of that time. Dinine mezhebine dair ibareler de yok. Taylar Church is located 45 km to the east of Kars and 2km to the north of Horomos monastery. This climate of friendship between Mevlevi dervishes and monks of the monastery had continued until the monastery have abandoned.

In his new life here Hammerschmidt came to be known as Dr. Besides the carpets on the ground, prayer rugs, wall rugs and saddle blankets are also being producted in Sille.


Who is an architect? We are familiar with the major architects of the period: In the second half of the 19th century there were significant changes in the Ottoman Empire that mimadisi affect architectural practice.

The main colors in carpets are red, dark and light green, beige, light blue, black and yellow.

The tales of Sille which were recorded by ermenj century historians, are reflecting the richness of the traditions of Sille. So the non-muslim population had become a little less after this. Nearly two hundred artisans were being raised in Sille in last 70 years and Sille has become an important jug production and marketing area in the region. The story of this woman who has had a sad end is recreated through this performance video in the form of a lost legend of Istanbul history.

The archival data created the ground for the production of new works. Here, dressed as a mermaid, the artist explores the legend of Eftalia Georgiadi, the first female singer to have her voice recorded in Ottoman era. Volume 9 Issue Clothes differ mimaisi use, some of them are for daily life and some of them are only for special events.

Mimarisii have used such correspondence while recreating the museum from scratch. In the same century, Saint Paul had to visit Sille on his way to Konya. The drum is octogonal within and without, and rested on pandantives supported by semicircular arches. Ruins belonging to 8th-7th centuries B. Today, generally identification and exhibition process is being done in Sille and also Selcuklu Municipality is making great effort for keeping handicrafts alive.

Ermenni Kelimeler Ermeni, Taylar, Kilise, Kars, Mimari, Tarih Abstract Some of the settlements located within the boundaries of the current Province of Kars had become the capital of the Armenian Kingdoms that existed in Mimmarisi Anatolia in the medieval period as vassals of great empires of that time.