The GIOTTO series surface wall-mounted monitor in ABS is supplied with a fixing bracket with terminal Elvox Two-Wire audio/video door entry systems. CN1). Connector for electronic unit. CN2). Connector for programmer type C. B2). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). B1). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). EXT+). External. Elvox Sound System Installation and Technical information 5 12 GIOTTO AND SERIES MONITORS ® GIOTTO SERIES MONITORS.

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Wiring diagram for wlvox floor distributor The capacity of the contacts of the monitor push-button is 24V 0. Buttons only in brass with protective treatment.

If desired, the user may simply raise the interphone, communicate with the caller and, if appropriate, activate the door-opener. Must be flvox with cameras: Fix the camera to the entrance panel frame by inserting the camera hooks into the frame slots Fig.

Elvox Sound System Installation and Technical information

This installation is without conversation privacy; all the system characteristics in relation to the basic diagram remain unchanged. The monitor ringtone is also activated.

The switchboard is equipped with 50Hz “line engaged” acoustic signal. To make the remaining connections, follow the standard wiring diagrams for power supply typeexcept for the monitor cable riser connection without video floor distributor which must be replaced by the one shown in this diagram.

The figure shows the connection of an entrance panel with the speech unit only and a separate camera type – 5A20 – 5B20 -5A 5B10 – 5C You can connect any one of the eight additional buttons of type Every building is thus perfectly independent and enables simultaneous communication of monitors, in every apartment with its own entrance panel. Our trained sales team can answer your questions right away! Cameras and audio speech units for entrance panels Green LED supply voltage V: In the external position, calls are sent directly to the user.


Enables you to set up independent groups of monitors and intercommunicating interphones. Open-voice monitors type and type To do this, consult the variations on the standard connection for the various components of the system, on pages to Power supply 15V D.

The users can converse with each other after first calling theswitchboard. It is important in this phase that the switchboard interphone is in the rest position. When using a video outdoor station replace the camera e,vox type A or B, which is equipped with a microphone with long cable to be installed far from the loudspeaker.

The sound is emitted with two different tones thereby allowing the user to immediately identify the source of the call main entrance, gate, garage, etc. Larger installations have a modular panel where multiple call buttons can be added, buttons are arranged either as shown or with a double push module with 8 buttons.

We carry out installation and repairs for local councils, housing associations, businesses and domestic premises at affordable prices. Check that interphone handsets are on-hook, before proceeding with the general test and inspection.

Wiring diagram of ringtone type Pressing this push-button produces a different monitor tone than a call from the entrance panel. The system can only be set up without conversation privacy between user and user. The monitor switches off after a set time, thereby terminating any conversation in progress.

elvox door entry systems. elvox door entry intercom systems

For repairs apply only to the technical assistance centre authorized by the manufacturer. In this case back-boxes are separated from the panels and frames and assembled as shown in figure 3A, in order to mount them at the same height. Variations 52 and 53 Wiring diagram of a button for auxiliary services This transformer is equipped with thermal protection PTC so that, in the event of a short-circuit to the secondary supply, the protection circuit removes the 15V secondary voltage until the fault is rectified.


Variations 54 and 55 Wiring diagram of additional mechanical doorbells If two monitors are to be switched on simultaneously, it is necessary to use an additional power supply type for each monitor, including the first. Maximum capacity of the relay contacts: Audio door entry system with Petrarca series intercommunicating interphones For use, see the instructions on the previous pages.

Pressing this push-button enables self-start of the system without activating the ringtone. Use coaxial cable type RG After cutting off power supply to the primary and after eliminating the short-circuit, it is necessary to wait for a few minutes to allow cooling of the protective device, so that the transformer may start normal operation again.


Operation of the video signal with coaxial or twisted pair cable can be selected by means of a microswitch. To do this, consult the variations on the standard connection for the various system components, on pages 80 to The acoustic signal has two or three differentiated tones on terminals C1-C2 and C3 allowing immediate identification of the point from which the call is made main entrance, gate, garage, intercommunicating interphones, etc.


In this case the monitor remains switched off. In this case wire as follows: In the event of a short-circuit, the protection circuit PTC removes the mains voltage until the fault is rectified.