EDI X12 856 PDF

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction Set () for use within the context of an. Page 1 ANSI X12 version EDI IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE. ANSI X12 V Steel Specific Version. Ship Notice/Manifest. This document provides the standard format and established data contents of a ship notice/manifest transaction set (). An comprises a.

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Code uniquely identifying a Transaction Set. TD element should be included having a edu qualifier describing the service level. This starts the item level hierarchical loop for the second item on the fourth purchase order of the shipment. This starts the item level hierarchical loop for the first item on the second purchase order of the shipment.

A unique number assigned by the sender to identify a particular data segment in a hierarchical structure. This starts the pack level hierarchical loop for the first item of the third purchase order of the shipment.

Numeric value of weight. HL Hierarchical Level Pos: This starts the pallet level hierarchical loop for the first purchase order of the shipment.

EDI 856 – Ship Notice/Manifest

Transaction Set Purpose Code Description: Segment SLN is to be used if the item is shipped in sub assemblies to identify the sub assemblies to the customer. Consumer Package Code The client needs to receive and integrate the data of ASN into his business systems prior to the physical arrival of the merchandise.


Marks and Numbers Description: Code indicating the level of transportation service or the billing service offered by the transportation carrier. This starts the item level hierarchical loop for the first item efi the fourth purchase order of the shipment. It is possible for one or more master containers to be packaged within one transport package multiple boxes on one pallet.

To permit the seller to communicate special shipping conditions such as Same Day, Air Freight, etc. This information is used for receiving and inventory control purposes. The number of inner containers, or number of eaches if there are no inner containers, per outer container. A free-form description to clarify the related data elements and their content. To identify the type and physical attributes of the pallet, and, gross weight, gross volume, and height of the load and the pallet.

Number of Line Items. To sdi the start of a transaction set and to assign a control number.

Code defining the characteristic of a level in a hierarchical structure. Number identifying a release against a Purchase Order previously placed by the parties involved in the transaction. The SCAC table is a certified list of four character codes associated with specific carriers.

This starts the purchase order level hierarchical loop for the third purchase order of the shipment. Packaging Material; if the Data Element is used, then Part 1 is always required.


Hierarchical ID Number Description: Equipment Description Code Description: In addition, ASN has multitudes level of information and a great volume of data. Vertical dimension of an object eedi when the object is in the upright position. Whether you are a supplier or retailer contact us for cost-effective EDI Implementation. Code specifying the application or source of Marks and Numbers Code indicating the type of pallet.

Ad. Ship Notice

Anytime text data is passed within a transaction, the receiving partner may have to queue the transaction into an exception process for review.

Data from this illustration is used as a basis for building the examples. Detailed diagrams and examples showing the different hierarchical looping structures are provided in Section 3: Hierarchical Level Code Description: Marks and Numbers Qualifier.

Hierarchical structures define 8556 placement of levels within a transaction set. Transaction Set Identifier Code Description: This hierarchical level is used to identify a transport package, which may be a pallet, master container, or other physical unit of load.

To wdi transportation details relating to the equipment used by the carrier. Shipment Method of Payment. This starts 86 shipment level hierarchical loop. Unit or Basis for Measurement Code.