(a) DW/ Specification for sheet metal ductwork (low-medium- and high pressure) .. Air leakage of the assembled unit shall be to HVCA Standard DW/ Duct Work Construction to DW/ DW/ is recognised throughout the UK as the Standard Specification for ductwork manufacture and installation. “It will be. DW/ Specification for. Sheet Metal Ductwork. Low, medium and high has gained national and international recognition as the industry standard.

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The ductwork should have a weathering cravat to fit over the kerb.

Type 2R Bright annealed. There are four classes of duct construction to correspond with the four pressure classifications: The fire duct manufacturer or his authorised marked by M 1mark.

DW 144: Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork

Details regarding accreditation bodies can be found on the UKAS website – www. Cleanliness of ventilation systems. The contract should clearly indicate: Informative publications on systems designed to control temperature, humidity and air quality in a defined space.

BS Specification for identification of pipelines and services.

Whilst it shall be standard practice to provide access panels for the inspection and servicing of plant and equipment as detailed in Alternative sealant locations Fastening Alternative sealant locations Sealant shall be applied either internally or externally to the seam edge or internal to the joint seam itself.

If consideration is being given to either higher pressures or flat oval ductwork then it would be prudent for the system designer to seek advice from manufacturers who have the standafd and capacity to manufacture aluminium ductwork.


HVCA DW – Free Download PDF

Develop Standarrd Develop Find out about the latest industry specific training courses and apprenticeships Read More. Smoke duct sections Reference Ducts for ventilation, pressurisation and kitchen extract Smoke control ductwork Ensures that the Fire Duct Manufacturer has tested to the BS EN Standards at a Notified Certification body and has ISO quality systems for manufacture and installation of the duct system, and that the fire duct system has 3rd party certification for the manufacture and installation on site.

Multi blade fire dampers may provide an E or ES classification to BS ENdepending on their individual design, their proposed method of stanfard and the construction they are to be mounted in to.

The characteristics of the particular type of coating contemplated for a particular use should be investigated in respect of formability, fastness to syandard, resistance to high operating temperatures, chemical resistance and other relevant properties.

Existing white rust deposits will slowly convert to a protective basic zinc carbonate. Fire dampers must have an ES classification for the protection of escape routes. These have now essentially been replaced by the standars BS standard.

Table 19 opposite indicates typical elastic section moduli for commonly used bearer section for rectangular and flat oval ductwork. The use of pre-painted strip in coil form provides a reliable quality finish and often proves more economical than painting after assembly.

Information concerning fire protection systems is laid down in BS Code of Practice for the fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings. See Appendix G for more detailed guidance on the storage and protection of components. Otherwise, supports may be as for un-insulated ductwork, i.


DW standard – Pro-Duct Clean

EN lists the grades of steel set out in the columns below, among others: Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. BS EN Continuously hot-dip coated steel sheet and strip. A ductwork system that has limited air leakage, within defined limits, will ensure that the design characteristics of the system can be maintained. The composition and processing is usually adjusted by the manufacturer to balance forming response, weldability and corrosion resistance. Refer to right hand page opposite for additional information relating to Notes 10 to 13 in Table 4.

The inset frames shall be constructed to maintain the structural integrity of the wall and where applicable cavities shall be suitably lined.

Galvanized surfaces require chemical pre-treatment prior to painting.

Sealants, gaskets and flexible joints should be tested and certificated in accordance with the appropriate test standard and standarr with all manufacturers recommendations. Arrangements of bottom bearer supports for plain and insulated ducts are shown in Figs.

Also see Clause It is recommended that individual components should have a clear indication of their weight, allowing the component to be assessed, and a suitable method of handling, either manual or mechanical, being selected.