DOD 5200.2-R PDF

DoD R, “Department o£ Defense Personnel Security Program,” December , is hereby canceled as of December 31, DoD M – National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual. ( NISPOM) DoD R – Personnel Security Program. DOD R: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE PERSONNEL SECURITY PROGRAM.

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Know where you stand. The 52000.2-r determination of whether the granting or continuing of eligibility for a security clearance is clearly consistent with the interests of national security must be an overall common sense judgment based upon careful consideration of the 13 adjudicative guidelines, each of which is to be evaluated in the context cod the whole person. There have been numerous cases of such malicious behavior by disgruntled IT professionals with some level of administrative access to a government or corporate system.

This includes protecting controlled but unclassified information such as For Official Use Only FOUOproprietary, export-controlled or privacy information. If you are in the military, a government contractor, or 5200.-r you are a government civilian, your security clearance is, in all likelihood, a pre-requisite to your career. The adjudicator in each case must make what is called a whole-person judgment based on all available information about an individual’s reliability and trustworthiness.

Personnel with technical skills and administrative access to a network are also capable of damaging or impairing the operability of critical information systems. No adverse inference concerning the standards in this guideline may 52002-r made solely on the basis of the sexual orientation of the individual.

Conflicts of interest can take many forms, including employment, consulting, volunteering and political activities. The vast majority of juvenile offenders get into trouble only once or twice and they stop offending as they mature.

DOD 5200.2-R PDF

Adjudications Certain positions within DoD entail duties of such a sensitive nature, including access to classified information, that the misconduct, malfeasance or nonfeasance of an incumbent in any such position could result in an unacceptably adverse impact upon the xod security of the United States. If they do not respect the rules on use of illegal substances, they may not respect the rules for protection of classified information.


They may, however, contribute to an fod adjudicative decision if they are part of a pattern of undesirable behavior that casts doubt on the subject’s willingness or ability to safeguard classified information.

Sources and Information A source’s impressions, opinions or interpretations are useful to investigators as clues to things that require further investigation, but they are generally not used as a basis for adjudicative action unless they are substantiated by examples of specific behaviors. Two general types of behaviors related to mishandling protected information are relevant to security: Criminal activity creates doubt about a person’s judgment, reliability and trustworthiness.

Skip to main content Press Enter. When information of security concern becomes known about an individual who is currently eligible for access to classified information, the adjudicator should consider whether the person: These positive qualities may outweigh some unfavorable information. Regardless of the individual 52000.2-r, the bottom line in security clearance work is this: Physical and electronic access are limited to persons responsible for servicing and authorized to use the system.

The role of the adjudicator is to ensure that all doubts concerning personnel being granted eligibility for access to classified information shall be resolved in favor of national security. The Personal Conduct adjudicative guideline covers unreliable or untrustworthy behavior not considered under other guidelines, or which falls below the 5200.2–r for action under any other single guideline. Most government organizations and private businesses do not know and dd measure accurately how much they suffer from theft in the workplace by employees or outsiders.

Alcohol affects the central nervous system and how the brain functions. Professional business literature contains many accounts indicating that when companies do gather the necessary data, they are often surprised at the magnitude rod losses they have been sustaining.

Each case must be judged on its own merits and final determination remains the responsibility of the specific department or agency. It is principally an Allegiance issue when an American citizen uses force or violence in seeking to overthrow or influence the U. Organizations are vulnerable to a wide variety of crimes including embezzlement, procurement fraud, sabotage of computer systems and theft of government property.


DOD Adjudicative Elements – Security Clearance

Allegiance to the United States An applicant must be of unquestioned allegiance to the United States. The adjudication process seeks reasonable assurance that persons granted access to classified information are persons: Available, reliable information about the person, past and 5200.-2r, favorable and unfavorable, should be considered in reaching a determination.

Know the questions that will be asked by the investigators. The voluntariness of participation.

DoD R, “Personnel Security Program,” 1/

Know which questions will not be asked. The use of illegal drugs or the misuse of prescription drugs can raise questions about an applicant’s reliability and trustworthiness since these actions impair judgment and suggest an inability or unwillingness to comply with laws, rules and regulations. The applicant’s preference for a foreign 52000.2-r must be established by adequate evidence of heightened risks to national security.

Involvement in certain types of outside employment or activities is of security concern if it poses a conflict of interest with an individual’s security responsibilities and could create an increased risk of unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

Government should be consulted when evaluating potentially disqualifying and mitigating information. Foreign Influence Foreign contacts and interests become a security concern if an applicant has divided loyalties or if foreign financial interests can be manipulated or induced to help a foreign person, group, organization or government in a way that is dor in the interests of the United States.