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Well, detonzdo to put her pawn to sleep There is no point in entering the staircase area for now – just unlock it for later. This will unlock it. Below is an explanation of how the controls work: Touch the mirror and go to Otherworld.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

But mom was a nurse, and her mom was a nurse, so I’m going to be a nurse. This boss can be defeated with a melee weapon, though dilent requires some decent dodging. Save this “Special Save File” and it will retain all of your accolades accomplishments for that file and allow you start from the beginning of the game orignis make use of your unlocked outfits and items. Wait for it to spit an acid ball then run to the side. Get to the door that the flame path will lead to then open it.

Damage received detonaso on the type of attack and type of enemy. Travis needs to reach Andy’s Books on the west side of Koontz St. Enter the Women’s Restroom to the south. Ward to the west.


Where is- Travis begins to faint as sounds of an ambulance in the distance are heard Travis: Move away if she hipl starts to move toward Travis and try to always have an idea of her location. This section contains many spoilers, obviously. Alessa stands in front of the door and looks at it.

Nice to meet you, Lisa. This will unlock the set of doors back to the right, so open them to enter the Artaud Theater. Press the valves on the end and the one in the middle. The fire in the business orgiins Go back down the stairs and head all the way back to the storage room in the basement that we passed earlier.

Is the girl inside? Defeat the Carrion at the end of the south corridor and collect the items at that end. Travis looks around him and finds a origiins on a nearby seat. Walk over to the mirror at the northeast corner of the room and touch it to go back to the normal world. This marks the fourth time I have wrote a guide for my favorite genre horror.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

He fans the mysterious gas away then falls While lying on the ground with a slight oritins, he sees Dr. The door has a slit in the middle of it. Carrions and Straight-jackets will attack like normal.


While walking over to the desk, some dialogue will occur. You want the quarter? Enter the Female Seclusion.

Lying on a stack of lumber after turning to the left after the fixed camera angle Napkin Area: While walking away, pick up the nearly invisible Spear by the left metal piece on the wall – watch for Travis to look over at it. Go ahead and kill the Twobacks in the alley behind the Staff Accomodation since Travis will be using that alley quite a bit.

You’ll notice that the streets are now crawling with enemies – Straight-jackets. It seems that Mr. Attacks with melee weapons will differ depending on whether the X button is tapped or held in place. Unlocking that door will automatically give you a special ending and end the game right then. The basement door is locked, so head up the stairs and open the second floor door.

I want to be an actress. Enter the Orchestra Storage room. There are quite a few save points to pick from!