Origin of type specimen unclear, leading to confusion over correct allocation of nominate subspecies autumnalis; S race has been labelled discolor, with N race . Anguilla; Antigua and Barbuda; Argentina; Aruba; Barbados; Belize; Bolivia, Plurinational States of; Brazil; Canada; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Dominica;. Black-bellied whistling duck (Dendrocygna autumnalis) brain cholinesterase characterization and diagnosis of anticholinesterase pesticide exposure in wild.

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Yaguaza Barriga Prieta Spanish Spain: The black-bellied whistling duck is a common species that is “quite tame, even in the wild”. Origin of type specimen unclear, leading to confusion over correct allocation of nominate subspecies autumnalis ; S race has been labelled discolorwith N race then as nominate Autymnalisbut re-examination of the literature indicates that autumnalis should be applied to S population, with N population then named fulgens R R R.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

They also make use of chimneys, abandoned buildings, or nest boxesthe latter having been increasingly provided to them over recent decades, especially in southeast Texas and Mexico. Each checklist can be viewed with photos shared by the birding community, and also printed as PDF checklists for field use. Both parents help with incubation duties.

Shaped more like geese than ducks, whistling-ducks are moderately large 48 cm autumjalisbirds with long legs and necks and an erect posture. Jenjon vant nwa Hungarian: Login or Subscribe to get access to a lot of extra features!

Help complete this species There are many ways to contribute—we need species information, photographs, audio, video, translations, maps, distribution data, and bird sightings. Anas autumnalis, Dendrocygna autumnalis, Dendrocygna autumnalis autumnalis Lithuanian: We found that acetylcholinesterase AChE seems to be the predominant ChE form in the biological fraction analyzed. Will nest on ground or in tree cavities.


The belly and tail are black, and the body plumage, back of the neck and cap are a vendrocygna chestnut xendrocygna. Dendrocygna autumnalis Linnaeus Wikispecies has information related to Dendrocygna autumnalis.

Piche Piquirrojo Spanish Panama: Northern- and southern-most birds may move toward the Equator during their respective winters. You must be logged in to view your sighting details. International Union for Conservation of Nature.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Goose-like in their feeding as well, whistling-ducks often graze in very shallow water or in drier, upland habitats away from water. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat There are two subspecieswhich intergrade in Panama:. Dendrocygna autumnalis brain ChE is a suitable parameter for inclusion in biomonitoring programs for both environmental protection and human safety.

There are many ways to contribute—we need species information, photographs, audio, video, translations, maps, distribution data, and bird sightings. Flying birds show a distinctive, large white patch on the upper surface of each wing. There is a large population of several hundred that winter each year in Audubon Park in uptown New Orleans, Louisiana.

As its Latin name autumnalis implies, it is commonly seen gleaning recently harvested fields for leftover seeds and invertebrates brought up by the harvesters disturbing the soil. In addition, the potential of the three locally used pesticides and mixtures to inhibit ChE activity was investigated and the exposure of the wild duck population during intensive pesticide applications in rice fields was evaluated.

Black-bellied Whistling-duck Dendrocygna autumnalis. To register to myAvibase click here.

Black-bellied Whistling-duck (Dendrocygna autumnalis) | HBW Alive

What do coloured bullet points mean? The Black-bellied Whistling-Duck is a colorful bird that inhabits mangroves, coastal dndrocygna, river edges, freshwater swamps and marshes, natural and artificial lakes and reservoirs, savannas and agricultural fields, and even residential areas with mature trees.

Subspecies and Distribution D. The call, often heard at night as flocks move to and from nocturnal feeding grounds, is a high pitched ” pe-che-che. When foraging, often in dry fields, also in irrigated land.


Anatra fischiatrice becco rosso, Dendrocigna beccorosso, Dendrocigna pancianera Japanese: Svartbukad visseland, Svartbukig visseland Turkish: Yaguasa Barriguiprieta Spanish Dominican Rep. They have been in this area for more than a year.

It ranges from southeastern Arizona to east Texas and south to Argentina. The extensive white in the wings is obvious in flight, less so on the ground; it is formed by the secondary remiges while the primaries are black; the wing-coverts are brown.

Recommended Citation

Anas autumnalis Linnaeus, America. At the heart of their range, there is a tendency to travel in flocks over the winter months, though this behavior is not a true long-range migration but rather local dispersal. Bird checklists – taxonomy – distribution – maps – links.

Bibliography Only subscribers are able to see the bibliography. Retrieved from ” https: They will also nest on the ground, in abandoned machinery, chimneys, and other artificial cavities.

Habitat Favours tropical lagoons with some tree cover at margins, being found on lakes, reservoirs, stock Races intergrade in Panama. Black-bellied whistling ducks ingest a wide variety of plant material, but also consume arthropods and aquatic invertebrates when available. Related taxa Other related concepts Dendrocygna [autumnalis x eytoni] hybrid Dendrocygna [autumnalis x bicolor] hybrid Dendrocygna [autumnalis x viduata] hybrid Dendrocygna [arborea x autumnalis] hybrid Other synonyms Arawak: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dendrocygna autumnalis.

Due to its feeding habits, abundance, and nutritional value, D. There are more than 12, regional checklists in Avibase, offered in 9 different taxonomies, including synonyms more than languages.