Answer: The Dake Bible was first published in and is the result of the work of a man named Finnis Jennings Dake (), a Pentecostal minister. Publisher of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible, God’s Plan for Man, Revelation Expounded, Bible Truths Unmasked, Other material authored by Finis J. Dake. Items 1 – 9 of 9 dake reference bible. KJV Dake Annotated Reference Bible, Large Print, Bonded leather, Black NKJV Dake Bible Imitation Leather Burgundy.

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Dake Bibles

Take a look at our Bookshelf. This page was last updated: His most well known work was the Dake Annotated Reference Bible. This means that they are referring to God in terms of human body parts or passions. Want to find out about our products, you can go directly to our store thru the app. Plane of the Ages Chart. Dake returned to his family and the Christian Assembly Church, who stood by his vakes and maintained his innocence during the ordeal.

Retrieved from ” https: Plan of the Ages by Dake – is at the back of the book. We hope you have time to visit our store to view the different Bibles and Books.

Purchase one or all of the titles listed and view them via dwkes cloud on one or all of your devices. Dake argues that to deny his view results in the absurd conclusion that God wants us to be sick: Pages are in excellent condition.

This doctrine was spelled out at the Council of Chalcedon AD Sin embargo, no es solamente el n? Once downloaded no internet is required. To postulate two or more infinite beings is illogical and inconceivable.


Therefore those who die physically due to lack of faith must also wind up in hell for the same reason. Esta Biblia ofrece un mayor n? The Greek and Latin Creedsvol. To visit the Kindle store click here. Dake claimed that upon his conversion he received a ‘special anointing’ which allowed him to quote major portions of Scripture from memory.

For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to: The 35, notes in the Dake Bible are considered by Christian theologians to be personal, rather than Biblically-based, commentary. Not one scripture teaches unconditional grace.

Dake Publishing, inc. | Dake Bible | Dake Study Bible

If obeyed, they will bring rich rewards here and forever; if disobeyed they will bring condemnation and eternal punishment. Witness,— A thing is either material or immaterial — there is no middle ground. It also teaches that a believer does not lose eternal life and fall back into condemnation when he or she sins John3: Yet it’s not just the number of notes, references and headings that set the Dake Bible apart.

There are 9, heading Dake argues, however, that Jesus did not possess His divine attributes while on earth.

Regency Reference Library,s. This way you will have the Bible right at your finger tips. Another argument is that bodies exist in space and time; but God created space and time; therefore, He must exist apart from space and time.

He states that salvation is by grace through faith, but he also teaches that obedience and confession of sin are necessary to receive and maintain justification. There is also bbible comple There is a complete concordance that lists every Bible word. Dake’s other books right at your fingertips. GPFM, emphasis in original; cf. PC, Mac, Apple devices and Android devices.


What is the Dake Bible?

Along with Dake’s annotated Bible, his other writings have caused controversy amongst theologians. To can see a sample of the Bible Click Here. Five raised ribs and Just because we have a physical body does not mean that God has one too. And, like Web sites, it can be difficult to sort through the glut of material to find a truly great study Bible – one that you’ll want to return to again and again!

A body is limitedtemporalchangingvisiblematerialcomposed of partsand present in only one location at a timewhereas God is unlimitedeternalunchanginginvisibleimmaterialnot composed of partsand always present everywhere ; therefore, God cannot have a body.

Here at Dake Publishing, we are blessed to have the opportunity to help spread God’s Word. In other words, the body that came out of the grave was the same one that went in.

This article touches on only a few. God will defeat sickness and disease in the future. The point of these arguments is that it is logically impossible for God to have a body because of His nature i. Views Read Edit View history. They must be properly confessed and forgiven again or he will pay the death penalty for the new crimes. Save to your iBooks app. Dake, to his credit, argues that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, authoritative Word of God; therefore, it cannot contain contradictions.