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It leaves me confused as to why there is an issue. When I read your post I did a history search for the Jungle IC and it came up red, So I looked at the service manual and found a set I have that looked similar. I should probably add some installation pictures to that gallery.

CXAS – Sony Semiconductor Datasheet PDF – DataSheetBank

Wed Sep 20, Tim sells 6 gang 10k pots very cheap and they are great for turning all 3 colors up or down at the same time. Wed Sep 20, 4: Well that is both some coincidence and very sucky.

It’s mostly working but the blacks are grey. Did datsheet wire directly to y on the Jungle? Tue Sep 19, Previous topic Next topic.


Unless i’m misinformed there, of course. Looks like I removed the original.

CXA2139S Datasheet PDF – Sony Semiconductor

Below is a summary of how I wired things and the troubleshooting steps taken https: I meant put the pots in line on the RGB feed lol, not as terminations. Not crossing my fingers though.

You’ll only need 1k pots really it wont need much adjustment. TV RGB mod thread. What technique did you use to do the mod?


For trouble shooting put a switch on the 5v blanking with no console connected. I wasn’t aware of that. This chip has eatasheet very brief datasheet! I think you’ve left the original terminations connected or your caps are too small dude, make sure they have the number on them. Panasonic Quintrix F Chassis: Just a quick thought on this one They should stay at 75ohm In series will control color.

Datashret if it changes the screen. However the proposed solution is to use 0. Diodes have around 0.

When you add another 75ohm termination resistor to a line that already has a ohm termination the total resistance is ohm.


So pins 14,15,16 I’m snipping at the legs of the capacitors coming into the osd and I’m hooking my rgb wires from my game console their to the osd input of pin 14,15,16 then I’m I’m feeding power to the rgb vcc on pin 18 I should add somewhere around 1 volt up to 9 volts to get it to blank to rgb the circuit says it takes 9 volts on their what should I do about the black pin Can see it on page But the console is still to washed out and bright in this configuration also.

CXA2139S Datasheet

So I tried a proper OSD hack on these units and yep, black is as black as midnight. I don’t have to deal with such inconveniences as the real world when writing software! Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. An OSD hack produced a nice clear picture.