In areas at the limit of their cold tolerance, therefore, it is prudent to grow the plants in containers for some years, giving them winter protection, and only planting. 16 Tháng Tám Brahea dulcis in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Finding Brahea decumbens and Brahea dulcis growing on one of these gypsum outcrops was never part of the plan for day 3 trip around.

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The differences in population structures of B. There have been few studies on the sustainable use of non-timber forest products in arid and semi-arid zones.

Although rulcis the beginning the people were somewhat reserved, all the respondents consented to be interviewed, especially when they learned that we were interested in talking about the palm and that we were from the university. Less than 6 m.

Brahea dulcis

El reto para lograr un mejor manejo incluye simplificar el marco legal, promover sus usos en contextos urbanos y rurales y desarrollar una estrategia de mercado. Each individual was labeled and georeferenced GPSand the newest, second-newest and third-newest leaves were marked with a dab of colored paint on the petiole in order to differentiate between treatments.

We suggest that B. Another amazing day in a beautiful country with so much to offer. Publisher Pan Books, London.

There is evidence that B. However, as wild collected specimens at the Huntington Garden exhibit identical floral and structural characteristics, Brahea berlandieri var. Leaves of palmate fan or costapalmate or pinnate or feathery pinnate or bi-pinnate appearance. We had to wait for this goat herder to clear the ddulcis. This is a QR code short for Quick Response which gives fast-track access to our website pages. In fact, our walk back brabea the car had to be done with headlamps. Even today, the palm is used for religious offerings, and to make a variety of utilitarian items; humans have put almost every part of these palm plants to some use.


How long does sexual reproduction take from flower production to ripe fruit? These palms were an added bonus to our extremely busy day. Rbahea failure of the plant to show a response to the experimental treatments we applied is largely due to the fact that few leaves were harvested, and braahea at a low frequency compared to the high rates of production.

Productivity and sustainability of a vegetable ivory palm Phytelephas aequatorialisArecaceae under three management regimes in Northwestern Ecuador.

Brahea decumbens and Brahea dulcis growing on a gypsum outcrop in Nuevo León, Mexico

The average leaf growth rate for the 15 individuals observed was also averaged and graphed. Mastache A, Morett E. Back to Palm Encyclopedia. Young fruits Photograph by: Publisher Weinheim Year ISBN – Description An culcis and very comprehensive guide but it only gives very short descriptions of brahex uses without any details of how to utilize the plants.

Modern revisions suggest they are the variable species, Brahea dulcis, but actually conform more closely to the defunct species Brahea berlandieri.

Brahea dulcis – Palmpedia – Palm Grower’s Guide

However, when evaluating the effects of leaf harvesting, it must be taken into dulciss that effects are not limited to potential plant mortality but may also include changes in growth, such as decreased leaf length or decreased reproductive activity [ 3334 ]. Readable yet also very detailed. Sadly, unscrupulous people have been aggressively poaching the plants from this location for many years now. Total density was calculated, and the population structure was graphed, distinguishing between individuals that were useful for supplying handcraft materials and those that were not.

The study aimed to answer the following questions: Roncal’ Image credit to Palmweb. Many species are too tender for outdoors in Britain though there are many that can be grown outside.


Conclusions We propose that Brahea dulcis is the palm with the highest potential for sustainable use in the arid and semi-arid zones of Mexico. The aim of the present paper was to conduct an ethnoecological study of B. Tlaxco had the next-densest population, but it was dominated by juveniles, which are not useful, and by seedlings and saplings, which are not yet useful.

We further recommend the development of a governmental strategy to enhance and reassess this important resource. Less than 3 m. This makes it ideal from the point of view of sustainable NTFP use, since although removing leaves for handicraft uses removes photosynthetic production for an average of Brahea dulcis is an evergreen Tree growing to 7 m 23ft by 4 m 13ft at a slow rate.

Why is this noteworthy? Brahea dulcis in flower. The petate is part of the material culture of some indigenous groups v.

Brahea dulcis Kunth Mart. The effect of Maya traditional harvesting on the leaf production, and demographic parameters of Sabal palm in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. QR Codes are barcodes that can be read by mobile phone smartphone cameras. It is in barhea all year.

It seems that each year some new species is being described that can only be found on these gypsum outcrops. Leaf production, growth rate, and age of the palm Prestoea montana in the Luquillo experimental forest, Puerto Rico. Ixmiquilpan Tortilla baskets Handcraft: Soils Some palms need fertile and well drained soils; others can grow in calcareous soils and even soils poor in organic matter, provided that they drain well drained ; other palms are very rustic and can grow in practically all types of soil, even in clay and poor soils.