BOUML is a UML 2 tool box that allows you to specify and generate code in UML models can be exported to HTML pages, including PNG or SVG graphics. Popular Alternatives to BOUML for Windows, Linux, Mac, Web, Android and user interface: draw UML diagrams fast, export diagrams to eps, pdf, jpg, svg. Hi, today I tried bouml-ng and douml. bouml-ng crashed with my model and there was What I am missing is the orginal import and export features from bouml 4.

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During the edition the characters encoded with a 16 bits unicode character set, but out of the editions the characters are saved on only 8 bits. Eexport least ecport supported! How to add import in the generated code? You have to do a bit of manual work, but it generates all the classes, so all you have to do is to drag them into a classdiagram in Umbrello.

In the previous boumll, only the operations whose name started with an operator could contain non alphanumeric characters; this restriction has been removed. Supports Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Reflexive Messages: It was not possible to reload a project where the associated diagram of a component is a deployment diagram.

In the first releases of BOUML the code generation was associated expoort the components but because this is not compatible with UML 2 UML 1 was very evasive on the subject I had prefer to do the change, contrarily to many tools The dashed lines show the limits of the diagram canvas sizeyou can see something placed outside these lines. BOUML may be extended writing plug-outs. Php source because the associate classes here C1 doesn’t have a definition in Php.

Afterwards, working with the classes was just as fast as the tiny subset I had tested earlier. Your comment will only be submitted if the strings bbouml.

Was really quite nice, except I can’t get the associations to work, but I’m sure i’ll figure it out. I was working with PHP 5. This have no sense, change your home directory to something else of set the write access of your home directory.


BOUML – a free UML tool box

A constraint on activity and activity action was added. If you just need to generate the diagrams, it’s probably a good thing to ask yourself why exactly?

However, it’s the best I’ve found so far. In fact this depends on which level of detail you want to esport concerning the library you reference.

So, to show the same objet with different states in an activity diagram you have to duplicate the object and to set the state on houml use. Ask for the generation a second time for the same language: The visible part is the part of the diagram which appears depending on the diagram sub-window’s scrollbars position.

Skip to site navigation Skip to blog entries Skip to archive page Skip to right sidebar. This was extremely helpful when I needed to rearrange my class diagram, for instance.

Of course do the change in the generation settings of the artifactclass, attribute, relation and operation! I’ll fix that in the review. Mikko Rantalainen 5, 5 39 Most UML drawing programs have such a bad UI that it’s faster edport write the code and generate the UML diagram automatically, even if you then throw away the code that you used to generate the diagram Doing that this allows you to import this project as a library.

If I edit a note I can’t close the window This is possible using the key escape. The reverse doesn’t make diagrams This is the expected behavior: Note that a default definition set through the generation settings may bluml done at the creation for each language if you ask for it through the Languages menu. An artifact may be placed only in a deployment viewcreate a deployment view in the package Package3 this is not mandatory, you may place exporg in any packagelet’s suppose this name be Deployment view6.

But that’s about it. No notice about slowing down, stopping, etc. I agree this is not gentle I love enterprise architect but it doesn’t have PHP support. To set the format used for the diagram you will create in the future, choose the sub menu Diagram default format of the menu Miscellaneous. This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat Thanks for adding this feature so quickly! The use case picture may be resized moving the points appearing when you click on the use case.


This is a definition for Php5, if you want to use Php4 the better is to change the visibility to packageand the definition will be:. It’s a false positive. To signal this missing feature in your rating was a good idea.

Bouml – Tutorial

You have to ways to draw the association: BOUML has been updated since my first review. If you do that on a sub level, for instance on the diagram, the scope of the new exxport will be limited on the chosen level and recursively on all its children.

If you want to say bou,l string is a class under Bouml to allow to have for instance an attribute which type is string through a relation, but without additional information concerning stringand without having an artifact associated to the class string because you don’t want to generate file for string: This boumml like define identifier value. The second way is better to associate several classes: Hi, Absolutely, this is a false positive, I indicate that in the download page http: It is not possible to see the Idl and Php definitions.

UML Editors: BOUML –

BOUML allows you to undo certain actions, but not all actions. First, if you do not have any message in the trace windowthis means the Plug-out doing the code generation is not started, perhaps your firewall blocks it, see The plug-out does nothing. Blog Administration Open login screen. After editing a description or other part, the font is modified or several characters are replaced by a space.