JPJ4U Portal Kakitangan JPJ berfungsi sebagai pusat akses tunggal bagi kakitangan dalam Muat turun JPJ Aplikasi hanya melalui Google Play Store. – Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia. Hak Cipta Terpelihara. Dasar Privasi dan Keselamatan | Penafian | Hak Cipta | Paparan terbaik menggunakan . The JPJ numbers plate available for registration are divided into four dari Pengarah Negeri seperti kes pertukaran daripada ibu/bapa kepada Masukkan sampul surat permohonan ke dalam peti tempahan mengikut nama.

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Any sifus know any bank that offer that?

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Dec 22 Cause from what i know transfer procedure is puspakom B5 form and then seller and buyer transfer at JPJ. I also did mine with the expired road tax.

The vw runner asking rm1. As what I read from Sylph, you can settle everything in a day. You can always call JPJ hotline for help before doing anything. This mostly due to the roadtax was about rm55, and seller no interest to claim it back.

But then I brought it along. tukae

Seller ask me to fill up a letter horang get the geran, but I’m the first owner and i have the car jpj kad with me as i have paid all.

Rugi on interest wei I got more than 6 potential buyers and thinking want to go with the one with cash rather than loan Still have 18k debt with bank and I sell my car for 19k Cash would be the tukxr, just curious. United States of Cybertron. There is a direct buyer wish to purchase my car via bank loan.


During the transfer of ownership to the buyer, I understand that I can cancel my current road tax at the same time. Aug 21 Request for a form at the counter. Hi, I am buying tikar company used car. Bawak Geran Original tu sekali. Planning to do at KL but my dad is in Johor. How much was it?


NCB will follow driver or car owner? My case alone runner wants 4k plus. Is it urgent because CNY is around the corner.

How should i proceed for the puspakom inspection and jpj transfer of ownership? Similar to STMS system from my eg? The basic is JPJ not allow u to drive yrs car without road tax and insurance on the road. Do i need obrang update geran first before change ownership or can do both at the same time? Go early morning say 8. Saya ada nombor lama.

change car registration number

Saya nak tukar no plate yg baru BPJ Jpu 4 Furthermore, its actually a straightforward process. For the buyer, does he need to present his new insurance at the point of doing the transfer of ownership? Not sure on recond-vehicle. This post has been edited by tangtang Option 2 Buyer cancels the loan due to seller unable to settle the car loan. And only after that I ask new buyer to settle other matter regarding the ownership transfer.


Dec 29 Your car must be boranf settled before you can sell it. Kha, 20 Dis Kha, 03 Jan 8: No plat yg sy beli masih blom register pd kebderaan. Where to go Sumpah?

December 2, at Salam tuan Saya nak tanya,saya ad beli kereta bru dan saya mahu menggunakan no plat motor pada kereta baru,apakah proses yg perlu dilakukan,dan berpakah kos yg diperlukan. How much is the door to door service provided by the so called touts nowadays? Heard that currently there is new law from gov stating that if seller want to sell his car then he must clear his loan first before he can sell the car to a direct buyer. Then pass to buyer’s branch.

Harga mengikut bid lebih mahal jika nombor lebih cantik. Immediately went to the wangsa maju outlet n managed to get it done over there. For those who needs special request due to punched engine number, mounting modification, no approvla for sunroof etc or aka special case, you have no choice but to bare the fee’s of a runner which is going to cost definitely more than Rm for special case.