Read a free sample or buy Bipolar. Memorias de un estado de ánimo by Cheney, Terri. You can read this book with Apple Books on your. “Comprendí que la autentica belleza no reside en la ausencia de fealdad sino en su aceptación.” ― Terri Cheney, Bipolar. Memorias de un estado de · 2 likes. Rachel said: To be clear: there are bipolar rich people and there are bipolar On the outside, Terri Cheney was a highly successful, attractive Beverly Hills.

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People, like me, who suffer from depression, anxiety, or mania will recognize esstado author’s pain but still gain something new, as everyone’s journey with mental illness is unique.

As someone who has loved ones who have had to battle illness throughout their lives im particularly symathetic to people in their position. It’s all you can really count on when you’re manic-depressive; this day, and no more. She tried to explain to the officers that she needed her medication and wanted to call either her doctor or lawyer. View all 13 comments. But it is a fairly short book and the chapters do fit together into a larger whole.

It doesn’t lessen my sympathy at all. But I could relate to a lot of what was in the book because she talks about the depression side of manic depression a great deal, and I have experience with that. It feels too personal writing a review of such a revealing autobiographical book, as though criticizing any aspect of the writing would amount to criticizing the life of a person who has obviously suffered a great deal from mental illness, which would not at all be my intent.


I just finished it and it truly is an amazing account of Cheney’s life as a manic depressive.

I know of and read of so many people with bipolar where they don’t realize that alcohol in particular is a major factor in making things worse. Um my opinion the story stood alone.

One particularly upsetting passage summarized her feelings after being mistreated in jail — not allowed phone calls, made to wet herself instead of being un-restrained and allowed to go to the bathroom, beaten bipolae.

I no longer want to fly kites in a thunderstorm. Oh, and her Porsche!

Manic: A Memoir

Lots of people are sick, but they don’t throw in detailed descriptions of their silk Armani suits, and cashmere dresses that they wear for their suicides. Cheney went to Vassar; got her law degree and became an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles; all while battling depression and mania. She goes to great lengths to let us know how prestigious her tsrri firm is, that she drives a Porsche, that her closet is full of designer wardrobe, that she takes weeks off from work for yn vacations to Big Sur, etc.

Because she’s mentioned it about 20 times. What was less appealing about the book in my reading was the decision to abandon any sort of chronological organization or any effort to explain clearly how her treatment ended up uun [by the end, she has been functioning well and nonsuicidal for a couple of years, but this comes essentially out of the blue].

Far worse, I memorlas, than actual starving. Also, if you are wondering what may go on in Britney Spears’ mind, this is a great book for you! The moment she compared her plight to that of Rodney King was it for me.

: Terri Cheney: Books

And no one was more surprised than Cheney. Memoir about a bipolar woman. What I feared the most was my own disease. This lack of self-awareness—or, this refusal to acknowledge her privilege, which is so abundant as to accommodate multiple months-long leaves of absence from her job with no consequence—is a bummer, as I think the far more interesting angle would’ve been to own the aforementioned rather than obscure it, and then to write from a space which proves that economic privilege isn’t a safeguard against pain and suffering, and that manic depression doesn’t stop at a certain income bracket.


And yes to a great many more. It was quite matter-of-fact and not as emotional as I had thought it would be considering the subject matter. I don’t want to ruin any of the really interesting or shocking stories in here for you. In place of words, I simply spoke with my skin. While each memoir I have read that encompasses mental illness are distinctive, Cheney’s memoir sheds light on the personal affect it has had eetado her life.

But with Terri i found it alot harder than what i should of.

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It was the eighties, and he was as essential to me as shoulder pads. Was it in keeping with grandiosity, a common symptom of bipolar disorder? Apr 20, Hannah rated it it was ok. The thing inside me that used to care–that got indignant, outraged, that insisted on its rights–had been beaten out of me.

For example, in quite a few chapters, Cheney describes how sharp each sense develops into during manic episode.