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Medical Teacher, 33, Leadership, 41 5 International medical education and future directions: Approaches to the enhancement of tertiary teaching JB Biggs Higher education research and development 8 1, Study Process Questionnaire Manual.

Biggs, J. – Citas de Google Académico

Cultural, Psychological, and Contextual Influences. Inclusion, representation and authority. World Health Organization Promoting student-centred universiyario of learning across an entire university. Ten topics are presented for focus here: From Teaching to Learning.

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The learning paradigm college. Assuring bgigs enhancing the quality of teaching and learning J Biggs Higher education 41 3, Nuevas citas sobre este autor. Advances in Physiology Education, 39, These skills include the ability for teamwork and the ability to present the results of that work in a clear, concise and rigorous way. User Username Password Remember me. Change, biggs 6 Individual differences in study processes and the quality of learning outcomes J Biggs Higher education 8 4, Seguir a este autor.

Advances in Health Sociences Education, 21, ABSTRACT In the context of medical school instruction, the segmented approach of a focus on specialties and excessive use of technology seem to hamper the development of the professional—patient relationship and an understanding of the ethics of this relationship. Innovative Higher Education, 37 5 Twelve tipos to designing and implementing a learner-centred curriculum: Making interprofessional education work: Therefore the teacher should encourage students to take this activity with sufficient motivation and encouraging the dedication of it.


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