Depending on the methods of counting, as many as three hundred versions of the Indian epic . Unmatta-raghava of Bhaskara written around 14th century. The Kannassa Ramayanam written by Niranam Rama Panicker in the 16th century. Ramayana is an ancient Indian epic poem which narrates the struggle of the divine prince . 14th century), Krittibas Ojha’s Krittivasi Ramayan (also known as Shri Rama Panchali) in Bengali (c. 15th century), Sarala Das’ Vilanka Ramayana (c. Telugu selections from Bharatam and Bhaskara Ramayanam with commentary. Front Cover. Pi. Vi Sōmayāji. K. Subrahmanyam, – 70 pages.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Ramayana has also been depicted in many paintings, most notably by the Malaysian artist Syed Thajudeen in Besides being the site of discovery of the oldest surviving manuscript of the RamayanaNepal gave rise to two regional variants in mid 19th — early 20th century.

One person found this helpful. Rama is said to have been born in the Treta yuga to king Dasharatha in the Ikshvaku dynasty. On meeting Sita, Rama asks her to undergo an Agni Pariksha test of fire to prove her chastity, as he wants to get rid of the rumors surrounding her purity. Following the success of Ashok Banker ‘s Ramayana Series retellings, a graphic novel adaptation was released in Today, dramatic enactments of the story of the Ramayanaknown as Ramlilatake place all across India and in many places across the globe within the Indian diaspora.

Rama yields to public opinion and reluctantly banishes Sita to the forest, where the sage Valmiki provides shelter in his ashrama “hermitage”. The poem is not seen as just a literary monument, but serves as an integral part of Hinduism and is held in such reverence that the mere reading or hearing of it or certain passages of it, is believed by Hindus to free them from sin and bless the reader or listener.


Dasharatha, the king of Saketa had four queens: Most Hindus still believe they are integral parts of the book, in spite of some style differences and narrative contradictions between these two volumes and the rest of the book.

The text survives in several thousand partial and complete manuscripts, the oldest of which is a palm-leaf manuscript found in Nepal and dated to the 11th century CE.

However, it is predicted that ultimately they both will be reborn as upright persons and attain liberation in their future births. On the way he meets with many challenges like facing a Gandharva kanya who comes in the form of a demon to test his abilities.

The bas-reliefs of Ramayana and Krishnayana scenes are carved on balustrades of the 9th century Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta [21]as well as in the 14th century Penataran temple in East Java [22].

It was written in ‘Champu’ style Poetic and Prose where required. According to Jain textsRavana will be the future Tirthankara omniscient teacher of Jainism.

Presenting the Famous Versions of Ramayana!

Textual scholar Robert P. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. After learning about Sita, Hanuman assumes a gargantuan form and makes a colossal leap across the sea to Lanka. Great book of classic Telugu literature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

There are nine known pieces of the Yama Zatdaw in Myanmar. A prose version called Geet Ramayan buaskara Marathi by G. Champu Ramayana, a re-narration of the Ramayana in mixture of prose and poetry, which characterises the champus.

Hindu deities and texts. Rwmayanam History of Classical Malay Literature. Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism portal. One day, a female child was found in the field by the king in the deep furrow dug by his plough.

Ramayana – Wikipedia

Kishkindha Kanda is set in the ape Vanara citadel Kishkindha. Rama accepts his father’s reluctant decree with absolute submission and calm self-control which characterises him throughout the story. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.


Archived copy as title CS1 maint: To protect his children from his wife Kaikeyi, who wished to promote her son Bharata, Dasharatha sent the three to a hermitage in the Himalayas for a twelve-year exile. After thirteen years of exile, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana journey southward along the banks of river Godavariwhere they build cottages and live off the land.

Ramayanic scenes have also been depicted through terracottasstone sculpturesbronzes and paintings. Baba Hari Dass has taught acting arts, costume-attire design, mask making and choreography to bring alive characters of Sri RamSitaHanumanLakshmanaShivaParvatiVibhishanJatayuSugrivaSurpanakhaRavana and his rakshasa court, Meghnadha, Kumbhakarna and the army of monkeys and demons.

Presenting the Famous Versions of Ramayana! | People |

There they are joined by Ravana’s renegade brother Vibhishana. Retrieved Aug 3, In Indonesia”Ramayana” department store is named after the epic.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. India raamayanam Indonesia portal Hinduism portal Hindu mythology portal Poetry portal Literature portal. Yayasan Pustaka Obor Indonesia. Upon reaching Mount Sumeru, Hanuman was unable to identify the herb that could cure Lakshmana and so decided to bring the entire mountain back to Lanka.

Bhaskara Ramayanam

Also known as Lanka Kandathis book describes the war between the army of Rama and the army of Ravana. These sons are endowed, to various degrees, with the essence of the Supreme Trinity Entity Vishnu ; Vishnu had opted to be born into mortality to combat ramayanm demon Ravana, who was oppressing the gods, and who could only be destroyed by a mortal.

The Stories Without Borders Production Company has a documentary in production about different versions of the Ramayana and a second India epic, the Mahabharata, across South and Southeast Asia that is slated to film begin filming in