To understand normalization in database with example tables, let’s assume that we are supposed to store the details of courses and instructors. Lets consider the database extract shown above. This depicts a special dieting clinic where the each patient has 4 appointments. On the first they are weighed. Insertion, Updation and Deletion Anamolies are very frequent if database is not normalized. To understand these anomalies let us take an example of a Student .

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Francis Vega December 5, Here is the Third Normal Form tutorial.

Database Normalization Examples – Assume a video library maintains a database of movies rented out. Also, if we have to insert data of students of same branch, then bccnf branch information will be repeated for all those students.

What is a Primary Key? Each record needs to be unique. So, these 2 columns when combined form the primary key for the database. There is no alternative to normalization. In the next tutorial, we will databas about the First Normal Form in details. Here, the first column course code is unique across various rows. Does database normalization reduce the database size?

Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF)

The main goal is to avoid redundancy in your data. In that case, we can say that fact table is denormalized, but it would be much better to say that schema is denormalized. This can cause inconsistency in the database. If anyone say that fact table is denormalized as it might contain duplicate foreign key then it would be partially correct to say denormalized. Ronald who happens to be from the Mathematics department, the table will look like this:.


You decide to conform to certain rules where each fact is stored. A superkey is basically a set of columns such that the value of that set of columns is unique across various rows. This depends on your application needs that it requires normalization or not.

Table 1 and Table2. Databzse learning requires more practice. It is a multi-step process that puts data into tabular form, removing duplicated data from the relation tables.

If a table is not properly normalized and have data redundancy then it will not only eat up extra memory space but will also make it difficult to handle and update the database, without facing data loss. A foreign key is used to join with the fact table.

Betty Bryant December 4, Follow the video above for complete explanation of BCNF. Here, the first column is the student name and the second column is the course taken by the student. Andrea Harris December 4, Hence, there is a dependency between subject and professor here, where subject depends on the professor name. There is no fix duration to learn SQL. For example, if you have an employee dimension and the employee belongs to a particular department.


Ann Neal December 5, Boyce to develop the theory of Boyce-Codd Normal Form. Here, when we changed the name of the datbaase, we also had to change the department column.

You may also like:. In bdnf next tutorial we will learn about the Fourth Normal Form. Dimension table contains dimensions of a fact. The second one and the last one have 2 columns. April 4, Updated: A sample table may look like this student name and course code:. Ethical Hacking Informatica Jenkins.

A primary is a single column value used to identify a database record uniquely. Olive Yu December 4, 7: What are transitive functional dependencies?

What is Normalization? 1NF, 2NF, 3NF & BCNF with Examples

Suppose for a new admission, until and unless a student opts for a branch, data of the student cannot be inserted, or else we will have to set the branch information as NULL. Mary Brown December 4, Kristopher Howard December 5, 9: Eduardo Edwards December 5, 9: This may lead to an inconsistent database.

X leaves the college?

Here is the Fourth Normal Form tutorial.