Armes silencieuses pour guerres tranquilles. An introductory programming manual. Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW Publié en annexe. Armes silencieuses pour guerre tranquille (ça manquait sur ce site en Le document suivant a été publié dans la revue «America’s Promise. I’d like someone send me the link where I could find armes silencieuses pour guerres tranquilles ebook. Thank you very much. Top.

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Presper Eckert and John W. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. A good and easily quantified indicator of harvest time is the number of public citizens who pay income tax despite an obvious lack of reciprocal or honest service from the government.

armes silencieuses pour guerres tranquilles ebook

Human beings are machines, levers which may be grasped and turned, and there is little real difference between automating a society and automating a shoe factory. The total goods and services represent real capital called the gross national product, and currency may be printed up to this level and still represent economic capacitance; but currency printed beyond this level is subtractive, represents the introduction of economic inductance, and constitutes notes of indebtedness.

Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Both are bookkeeping systems: Years passing do not change the invariant truths of science, not even of economic science. These may be thought of as the monthly consumer flows of the following commodities. The social welfare program is nothing more than an open-ended credit balance system which creates a false capital industry to give nonproductive people a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs.

From the standpoint of engineering, this means that the strengths and weaknesses of the structure of the airframe in terms of vibrational energy can be discovered and manipulated.

The people know that they have created this farce and financed it with their own taxes consentbut they would rather knuckle under than be the hypocrite. These derived values are variable. One was stationed in Hawaii, and held the highest security clearance in the Naval Intelligence, and another who is now teaching at a university, and has been working with the Central Intelligence Agency for a number of years, and wants out before the axe falls on the conspirators.


Let the populace bludgeon each other to death in war, which will only result in a total destruction of the living earth. Mauchly, filled the bill. Relay computers were to slow, but the electronic computer, invented in by J.

And families of the upper class and their organizations did make contributions to the Leontief economics projectlour. Inoculation of behavioral drugs [Ritalin] can speed the transition for the child mandatory. Corresponding to this, an economic inductor has a flow of economic value as its primary phenomenon and a population field as its secondary field phenomenon of inertia. This, however, is not the case with the service industry known as the household industry.

Factor IV — JuniorThe emotional pressure for self-preservation during the time of war and the self-serving attitude of the common herd that have an option to avoid the battlefield — if junior can be persuaded to go — is all of the pressure finally necessary to propel Tranquillea off to war. It has several inputs and one output.

Its purpose was to tranquillles the science of controlling an economy: Several of my writings are available on the internet, including the following:. Finally, inverting this matrix, i. It did give the source information, and I did sign the work, and provide a reply address.

When the industry flow diagram is represented by a 2-block system of households on the right and all other industries on the left, the following results: We have no first-hand knowledge that this document is genuine, however many of the concepts contained herein are certainly reasonable, important, and bear strong consideration. This process begins with a clear and candid description of the subsystems of such a structure.

The value of such a slave laborer is given in a Table of Human Values, a table broken down into categories by intellect, experience, post-service job demand, etc. In fact, the measure of such a politician is the delay time. Shockley, promised great expansion of the computer field by reducing space armrs power requirements. Outputs — armds controlled situations — manipulation of the economy, hence society — control by control of compensation and income.

In the study of energy systems, there always appears three elementary concepts. It was felt that with sufficient mathematical foundation and data, it would be nearly as easy to predict and control the trend of an economy as to predict and control the trajectory of a projectile. Such a problem leans heavily upon the observations and data of wartime espionage and many types of psychological testing.


The general rule is that there is a profit in confusion; the more confusion, the more profit. It has made the operations of the government angry enough to imprison me. When the subject citizens are rendered unable to control their financial affairs, they, of course, become totally enslaved, a source of cheap labor.

As time goes on and communication and education improve, the lower-class elements of the social labor structure become knowledgeable and envious of the good things that the upper-class members have. Thus, a man trained in a religious environment for eighteen years of his life can, by this instrument of the government, be broken down, be purged of his fantasies and delusions in a matter of mere guedres.

In order to achieve such sovereignty, we must at least achieve this one end: To compensate for this data deficiency, an alternate indirect approach of analysis sileniceuses been adopted known as economic shock testing. They then observe the shock waves which result by monitoring the changes in advertising, prices, and sales of that and other commodities.

Simply put, they want a human god to eliminate all risk from their life, pat them on the head, kiss their bruises, put a chicken on every dinner table, clothe their bodies, tuck them into bed at night, and tell them that everything will be alright when they wake up in the morning.

armes silencieuses pour guerres tranquilles ebook – PDF Files

Rothschild all the more able to expand his wealth. It is necessary to use a current Table of Human Values for computer analysis. But crude mathematical models algorithms, etc. If the interval of time were infinitesimal, this expression would be reduced to the definition of the total differential of a function, P.