Thousands of authors worldwide are using Arbortext Editor to gener- ate quality, accurate and up-to-date product information, such as operator manuals. Arbortext’s Epic Editor is a very polished editor that can be integrated with digital asset management systems and high-end compositing systems. A screenshot is . Deliver a “compact”, ActiveX version of Arbortext Editor that can be downloaded “ on demand” and integrated into a web-based application. • Launch as a.

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In most cases, it will be UTF Figure is a snapshot of xemacs with an XML document open. It’s a BIG paradigm shift from traditional authoring. Therefore, XML has had to embrace print. To have a specialized table editor is a godsend. If you’re going to be using XML from error-prone sources such as human authors, you will probably want to have a parser preferably with good error reporting in your XML toolkit.

Technology pundits have been predicting for a long time the coming of the paperless office.

Epic Editor – Arbortext

There are many exciting possibilities. The parser in the this example goes beyond just well-formedness checking. The features of structure and validity checking can be taken too far. Where can you get a tool like this? XML parsing The next level of parsing occurs when the tags and symbols have been identified and now affect the internal checking mechanisms of the parser. The language is generic, using rules and templates to describe what to output for various element types.

Mozilla is an open source project to develop an excellent free browser that supports all the major standards. Clark has expressed surprise that XSLT is being used in so many other applications, but it is testament to the excellent design of this standard that it has worked so well. It doesn’t have much of a graphical interface, and there is a learning curve, but it’s worked quite well for me. Netscape Navigator Arbortexg of version 6, Navigator has been based on the Zrbortext browsers internal workings.


I’d guess the main reason your new client is moving content from EPIC to Frame is because they do not arbortrxt any other way of publishing the content XML editors were designed to create and edit content, not publish it.

Though fast and efficient, stream processing is limited by the fact that the parser can’t stop and go back to retrieve information from earlier in the stream. Morphon Technologies’ XMLEditor Arbortext’s Epic Editor is a very polished editor that can be integrated with digital asset management systems and high-end compositing systems.

Mon, 26 Jul There are a bunch of browsers capable of working with XML in full or limited fashion. As Figure shows, there are several levels.

This is a plain ordinary URL or filesystem path. The authoring tool should let you define your own display properties, whether you prefer large type with colors or small type with tags displayed.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft has tried very hard to play ball with the open standards community and it shows with this browser. Tree processingas we call it, gives you a long-lasting representation of the document’s data and markup. There are three separate recommendations, with the first being quite widely implemented, the second and more advanced less so, and the third rarely.

Full online discussions — no Web server needed! It soon became obvious that XSLT was useful in a wider context than just formatting documents. This high-quality formatting is difficult to achieve, however, and you will spend editoor lot of time tweaking difficult stylesheets to get just the appearance you’re looking for.

XPath is a shorthand for locating a point inside ediitor XML document. Having an editor that formats content nicely for example, making titles large and bold means that someone must write and maintain a stylesheet. Like a stylesheet, the DTD tells the editor how to handle elements and whether they are allowed in various contexts.

Document review system for Word and FrameMaker authors. At the moment, however, we’re interested in parsing tools that check syntax in a document. Parsing is a process where XML text is collected and broken down into separate, manageable parts.


1.4 How Do I Get Started?

The act of changing XML from one form to another is called transformation. There is no need to format, style text, paginate, build macros, fight with the tools, etc. When an element end tag comes along, it’s checked against the name in the stack.

Microsoft has tried very hard to play ball with the open standards community and it shows with this browser. For two decades, technical communicators have turned to TechWhirl to ask and answer questions about the always-changing world of technical communications, such as tools, skills, career paths, methodologies, and emerging industries. A few, like Corel’s XMetal, prevent you from even temporarily making the document invalid.

This may change soon, as more browsers catch up to IE, but at the moment it’s safer to do the transformation on the server side and just serve HTML. For displaying formatted documents on computer monitors, the best technology is CSS.

Although most often used to add presentation to a document, it can be used to alter a document for special purposes. You could, theoretically, write a transformation stylesheet to mutate your XML into PostScript, but this will give you nightmares and a head full of gray hairs. There is a wide spectrum of quality and expense in editors, which makes choosing one that’s right for you a little tricky. Databases are also used to store raw data, such as personnel records and inventory, and you may need to import that information into a document, such as a catalog.

If not, most users never really grasp the big picture and fail to utilize the powerful capabilities the product makes available. XML can come from many sources, including files, databases, program output, and places online. Learning Arbortext Epic is fairly easy if you are provided training.