Every time, I read his books, I begin to think, what if they were real? When I read Mahabharata as a Kid, Duryodhana’s character was introduced as ‘Suyodhana’. Anand Neelakantan is an Indian author. His debut novel was Asura, tale of the vanquished, was among the bestsellers of and he was rated as the most. Read Ajaya book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery Ajaya (Telugu) Paperback – 15 Oct by Anand Neelakantan (Author).

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What if the gods were real historic personalities and not supernatural beings? An interesting different beautiful view of the epic Mahabharata He has made the story consistent with his worldview, and has taken perfectly acceptable creative liberties with the story. For instance a conversation happening between Karna and Kripacharya on pages is excellent in learning about the caste system, the purpose why it was built initially and how it got misinterpreted subsequently over the period of time when one caste became the enemy of another instead of the reality that one could not survive neelakanatn the other.

And both their stories are different from the Ramayana that has been told in a thousand different ways across Asia over the last three millennia. He was not the only one who wanted his version of the story to be told.

Anand Neelakantan

Set up a giveaway. For example, Drona orders Duryodhana to conquer Panchala and capture Drupada. Apr 02, Ragini rated it it was amazing. Strangely, this angers Drupada and his sons against Duryodhana! Buy the selected items together This item: As a kid I was wondered why people worship anti gods like Dhuryodhana, and I asked my father about that.


It first and foremost teaches you a lot more about Mahabharata than the TV series taught us. So what was the Grand Regent who would have overseen the army doing while first Duryodhana assembles a few platoons and marches to Kampilya as per the narrative, the whole exercise would have taken the Kauravas a week and then the Pandavas mobilise the whole army and march off to invade a neighbouring kingdom!

I have always been fascinated by mythological stories. He had his strengths and his faults.

All of which may well have been true, if the result of the fratricide was any different. It acts like a blow straight on your face to realise the people whose glory and virtues you grew up hearing, were far less honorable. Mainly because we have always read one version of the Mahabharata and a story is not complete, unless it’s heard from all sides.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Now let them die for you. It was that by telling him the truth at the time she did, she ended up making Karna untrue to Duryodhana in his death, when he had spent most of his life being true to akaya. Mahabarath- Retold and Illustrated.

Anand Neelakantan – Wikipedia

Anand has actually revived the true spirit of the Mahabharat which was annd a goody goody tale – it was actually a harsh take on human nature – and human life If you research himeven the scriptures have mentioned that he naand a maverickopposed the false beliefs neelakabtan people those days termed ” dharma”He was truly a very self made manwho kept friendship and selflessness all above many of the Mahabharata characters depicted by sage Vyasa always confused meespecially the Pandavaswho were righteous most of the times.


The book has sold more than half a million copies across the years. As a kid I was wondered why pe Well done Anand Neelakandan The exploitation of the downtrodden, the untouchables at the hands of the higher castes are very valid points. How to write a great review.

I grew up idolizing Nwelakantan, but while everyone, including Duryodhana himself lauds him for sticking to Duryodhana even against his own brothers, in what way did he stick to him. The flow is beautiful He wanted a talented archer and warrior on his side and another important reason was to slight the Pandavas in the arena. The Japanese Warrior’s [Unofficial] Manual. Write a customer review.

Epic of the Kaurava Clan 1. What is this book about? Roll of Dice by Anand Neelakantan is the second book from the same author that I have read neelakantqn reviewed. May 25, Shyam Bulusu rated it really liked it.

Ajaya: Roll of the Dice – Wikipedia

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Neelakangan 29, Awdhesh Singh rated it really liked it. I have rambled quite a lot in this review, but I really want to congratulate Neelakantan on a job well done. This has made me realize how open minded and tolerant we are as culture and race. This, along with some modern-day expressions and grammatical errors, mentioning which will be inappropriate in the context of the excellence of the work, are the minor faults I could see.