Read a free sample or buy ALLAH KELÂMI KUR’ÂN-I KERÎM VE AÇIKLAMALI MEALİ by Ali Ünal. You can read this book with Apple Books on. for revelation (asbab al-nudhul) and notes for specific references. In this section you will find the whole text of this book written by Turkish scholar Ali Ünal. Ali Unal Kuran Meali Pdf Indir Free – Ali unal kuran meali pdf download. Bedava Pdf Formatnda Kitap Indir Pdf. TUSDATA Nisan Tus.

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Theirs is an attitude arising from their fancies and desires, not from knowledge. And He leads them by His leave out of all kinds of intellectual, spiritual, social, economic, and political darkness into light, and guides them to a straight path in belief, thought, and action.

Were you to follow their fancies and desires after the knowledge that has come to you, then you would surely be among the wrongdoers those who wrong themselves because of the errors they have done. Whatever my Lord wills happens, and no evil befalls me unless He so wills. He forgives whom He wills, and He punishes whom He wills. Among them msali are believers, but most of them are transgressors.

God has exalted in rank those who strive with their wealth and their persons over those who sit still. Why do you confound the truth by mixing meli qli falsehood and conceal the truth knowingly?

Inancin golgesinde-2 – M F Gulen. As for those women from whose determined disobedience and breach of their marital obligations you have reason to fear, admonish them to do what is right ; then, if that proves to be of no availremain apart from them in beds; then if that too proves to be of no avail beat them lightly without beating them in their faces.

Prizma 1 – M F Gulen. Your parents and your children: Ismail Gokce – Hanimlar icin 33 Hadis ve Aciklamalari. God records whatever kurxn plans they make.


God will never let your faith go to waste. So do not set up rivals to God as deities, ukran and objects of worship when you know that there can be no deities, lords, creators and providers at all to worship save God.

Sonsuz Nur 2 – M F Gulen. By your Lord, they do not truly believe unless they make you the judge regarding any msali between them, and then find not the least vexation within themselves over what you have decided, and surrender kuean full submission.

Rather, they are alive; with their Lord they have their sustenance.

Do you have no sense? So withdraw from them, and put your trust in God. Fasildan Fasila – 3 – M F Gulen. According to customary good and religiously approvable practice, women have rights similar to those against them that men havebut men in respect of their heavier duty and responsibility have a degree above them which they must not kurzn.


Surely God loves those who are devoted to doing good, aware that God is seeing them. Sadelestirilmis Otuz Uc Pencere. It can put multiple photos together very easily and the end result is smooth and stunning. Marry them, then, with the leave of their guardians, and give them their bridal-due according to religiously lawful and customary good practice, they being women who give themselves khran honest chastity, not in licentiousness, nor having secret love-companions.

Kirik Testi – M F Gulen. Get to Know Us. I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he prays to Me. Dua Ufku – M F Gulen. Your responsibility is your selves so consider how you ubal faring along your own way.

Sabah – Aksam Dualari. Surely He is the Meeali Who accepts repentance and returns it with liberal forgiveness and additional reward, the All-Compassionate. Fasildan Fasila – 2 – M F Gulen. But there will be no blame on you if you lay aside your arms during Prayer if you are troubled by rain and the ground impedes your movementor if you are ill; however, be fully prepared against danger.

So We would make you a sign for the people that they might understand how We have created them and will restore life to them after their death. That permission to marry slave-girls is luran those of you who fear to fall into kurqn by remaining unmarried.


Vehbi Yildiz – Deger Olcusu. Abdullah Aymaz – Citlembik Mustafa Yilmaz – Yanik Sinelerden Dualar. Irsad Ekseni – M F Gulen.


If, unwl they wronged themselves by committing a sinthey but came to you and implored God to forgive them — with the Messenger praying to God for their forgiveness — they would find that God is One Who returns the repentance of His servants with liberal forgiveness and additional reward, and All-Compassionate. Then in spite of all thismany of them go on committing excesses on the earth. If they both want to set things aright, God will bring about reconciliation between them.

Fasildan Fasila – 4 – Khran F Gulen. Vehbi Yildiz – ilham Kaynaklari. Cag ve Nesil-1 – M F Gulen.


It may be that God will thereby restrain the force of those who disbelieve. Lawful kuarn you are all beyond those mentioned, that you may seek, offering them of your wealth, taking them in sound chastity i. God knows well all about your faith and measures you by it ; and whether you be free or slaves zli are one from another belonging, as believers, to the same faith and community.

God teaches you whatever you need in life and the way you must follow in every matter ; God has full knowledge of everything. If you are suffering having to endure hardshipsthey too are suffering just as you are, but you hope to receive from God what they cannot hope for.