Oceano mare (Italian Edition) [Alessandro Baricco] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Oceano mare (Italian Edition) [Alessandro Baricco] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare Book. Oceano Mare (Scala) (Italian Edition) [Alessandro Baricco] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to Find book.

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L’oceano, cercare, trovare, tentare, pulire, guarire Quanto ai Grandi Temi, abbiamo la bellezza di: I think he’s right about a lot.

Ma anche da qualunque altra parte. Un finale imbarazzante e privo di significato. E mi ha fatto pensare moltissimo. View all 4 comments. Baricco did not accomplish this. E non sono la stessa strada. Si gustava, anzi, il piacere dell’attesa. Style oceao writing is original, every character has its own way of structured words, and then you have so many layers of meaning which are connected with metaphors and above all – amazingly described emotions.

Non so se sia stato merito di tutti i tasselli delle vite dei personaggi che si incastrano insieme in un grandioso mosaico o se sia stato solo l’immenso, spaventoso, meraviglioso oceano mare che ha trascinato alla deriva anche me, mi ha cullata, a tratti sballottata in malo modo e finalmente fatta approdare all’ultima pagina, con una sensazione di grande vuoto dentro, ma un vuoto in qualche modo riempito da qualcos’altro che solo il mare sa regalarti.


Water, sea, ocean has the power to heal. I felt fully invested in each of the character’s narratives and each of the characters felt very real, even with the somewhat ethereal feel of the ocsano as a whole. Ma davvero troppo, in una maniera che, alla lunga, diventa terribilmente irritante. Nov 30, Asghar Abbas rated it it was amazing. For whatever reason-illness- brought to a sea that she would otherwise never have seen… Her hair hangs loose and she is barefoot and this is not a mere detail, it is absurd, along with that little white tunic and the trousers that leave her ankles exposed, you could imagine her slim hips, it is absurd, only her boudoir has seen her like this, and yet, like that, there she is on an aleszandro beach, where there is no one of the viscous, stagnant air of the bridal bed, but the gusty sea breeze, bearing the alessandrk of a wild freedom removed… and it is clear: In a wincingly literal fashion at times- one or a few words per line, stopping paragraphs and starting them in the middle of the next, oceani.


I think Baricco is getting at an argument that is only now coming to the fore in the many studies of the sea that have been released in the last few years. And most of all, there must be a point to it.

Anche leggendo altre opere di Baricco, sono sempre stata colpita da questa sospensione. Oceano ocaeno me l’ha fatto ricordare. Preview — Ocean Sea by Alessandro Baricco. Tutti mi dicono che Baricco o lo si odia o lo si ama, forse probabilmente il fatto sta che non tutti possiedono un particolare animo per capirlo, o forse per chi lo critica aspramente, non era quello il momento per leggerlo o forse certe letture non sono per tutti.

The swinging for the fences prose, first of all.

Oceano Mare

Sicuro, e’ un bravo illusionista, come il sarto dei “vestiti nuovi dell’imperatore”. Riuscii effettivamente a leggerlo per intero solo qualche anno dopo, quando lo comprai. And unfortunately, the execution did not live up to the imagination. It’s been years, decades, lifetime maybe, but I feel like I’m still alessandroo in that ocean. Tuttavia il modo e il tono e i personaggi mi sono rimasti fitti nel cuore.

Bariccco scientist pens love letters to a woman he has yet to meet. To listen to the doctors, it had been there, for millennia, patiently perfecting itself, with the sole and precise intention of offering itself as a miraculous unguent for their afflictions of body and soul. It was the same world as ever that had suddenly been transferred, for wholly medical purposes, to the edge of an abyss abhorred for centuries and alesssandro chosen as the promenade of suffering Rather than beating neighborhood boys, he wants to provide a meditation on the idea of the sea, what it has meant, what it used to mean and what it has become, and most importantly, what possibilities it holds for people who need it.


Sono i desideri che salvano. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Yes I saw that there were only a few pages left.

The sea suddenly seemed to have been waiting for them forever.

His theatrical monologue, Oecano, was adapted into film, titled The Legend of Other than to establish. Tu stai con loro, e ti salverai. Was this book an experiment of some kind? It is possibly the weirdest book I ever had in my hands and it’s a book with the best description of life.

Ocean Sea (novel) – Wikipedia

Demostene, per oceno Ora capisco. I liked when he started to veer into fully formed fairy tale, I hated when he tried to turn his prose into poetry. Want to Read saving…. Ci sono fra tutti due personaggi che solo per leggere del loro, bisognerebbe leggere questa storia: Con tutta la forza che avevo. I loved the way that Baricco wrote about the sea as a negotiation between civilization and freedom, and saints and madmen, between tradition and the possibilities of the future, as a place where things are erased, where there can by definition be no firm foundations, where everything changes and nothing does, where time seems to stop because of its very repetitiveness.

And the award for getting me out of my comfort zone goes to Alessandro Baricco!