The ACIA is illustrated in figure 3. I am using this ACIA because it is much easier to understand than newer serial interfaces. Once you understand how the . MC Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA) F8DCh CPCI Serial Interface MC Control/Status Register (R/W). Computers transfer data in two ways. Parallel. Serial. Parallel data transfers often 8 or more lines are used to transfer data to a device that is only a few feet away.

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Because the ACIA is a versatile device that can be operated in any of several different modes, the control register permits the programmer to define its operational characteristics. If 7- bit characters are used, pure binary data cannot be transmitted in the form of one character per byte. When scia these bits are high, a break is transmitted by the transmitter data output scia.

Serial data transmission systems have been around for a long time and are found in the telephone human speechMorse code, semaphore and even the smoke signals once used by Native Americans.

ACIA chip – CPCWiki

However, in 66850 all applications the ACIA is normally configured once only. The auxiliary control register, ACR, selects the DUART’s clock source internal or externalits baud rate set there are two setsand controls certain parallel input pins.

The term break originates from the old current- loop data transmission system when a break acja affected by disrupting i. In fact, the asynchronous serial data link is a very old form of data transmission system and has its origin in the era of the teleprinter. I am using this ACIA because it is much easier to understand than newer serial interfaces.


It is not possible to provide a full input routine here, as such a routine would include recovery procedures from the errors detected by the ACIA.

The error is due to the CPU not having read a character, rather than by any fault in the transmission and reception process. This material is taken from articles I wrote on the 68K microprocessor. scia

acia baud rate generator datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Moreover, the DUART’s baud- rate generator can be programmed simply by loading aica appropriate value into a clock select register. This condition may be employed to force an interrupt at a distant receiver, because the asynchronous serial format precludes the existence of a space level for longer than about ten bit periods.

International specifications cover this and other aspects of the data link. Two characters are needed to record each byte which is clearly inefficient.

The Asynchronous Serial Interface The vast majority of general- purpose microcomputers, except some entirely self- contained portable models, once used a serial interface to communicate with remote peripherals such as CRT terminals. The software model of the has four user- accessible registers as defined in table 1. Bits CR0 and CR1 determine the ratio between the transmitted or received bit rates and the transmitter and receiver clocks, respectively.

6850 ACIA chip

Once the DUART has been configured it can be used to transmit and receive characters exactly like the Odd or even parity may be selected by writing the appropriate code into bits CR2, CR3 and CR4 of the control register. The host computer has to read each character from a as it is received otherwise an overrun will occur and characters will be lost.


As each incoming bit is sampled, aca is used to construct a new character. It is also possible to operate the ACIA in a minimal interrupt- driven mode. This device relieves the system software of all the basic tasks involved in converting data between serial and parallel forms.

If no parity is selected, then both the ACIA’s transmitter parity generator and receiver parity checker are disabled. This element is called the start bit and has a duration of T seconds.

Previous 1 2 The reader may be tempted to ask, “Why bother with a complex operating mode if the works quite 68850 in a basic mode? A CRT terminal requires a two- way data link, because information from the keyboard is transmitted to the computer and information from the computer is transmitted to the screen. We describe only the asynchronous data link because synchronous serial data caia are best left to texts on networks. You cannot detect the change by reading back the contents of the register.

The framing error status bit is automatically cleared or set during the receiver data transfer time and is present throughout the time that the associated character is available. Output bits can be programmed as: The Transmitter baud rate can be selected under program control to be either.

A logical one in SR1 indicates that the contents of the transmit data register TDR have been sent to the transmitter and that the register is now ready for new data from the processor.

Data- carrier- detect status bit SR2 set and receiver interrupt enabled.